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Hot pink Menu/tab bar

  • I don't have the hot pink but folders in my bookmark toolbar are always light blue since the upgarde to vers 45. The only way for me to comfortably see them is to use the dark theme - which I don't like much. If you find a way to stop the colour thing please post back. I'll do the same.

  • I had never used the dark theme. So I enabled it and tried this again. The Menu/tab bar still changes color upon each reload of Opera. It started off with the beige color (same as my last screenshot), went to green, stayed green the second time, then went to the mauve-pink. I stopped before it could go to hot pink, which is the most annoying. Then I unchecked the "Enable dark theme" box, because I do prefer the lighter theme.

  • I had the same problem on Xubuntu 16.04 32 bit.
    After installing the 64 bit version the problem was gone.

  • I think your browser is trying to tell you something about yourself.

  • I have the same problem. Every time i restart Opera, top bar have diffrent color. Both in normal and dark theme.

    Opera version: 45.0.2552.888
    System: Manjaro Linux 17.0.1 (x86; XFCE)
    Same thing was on Linux Mint and Debian.

  • Quite nice! xD

  • I too have noticed this -- the constantly changing tab bar/menu color is a major nuisance. Enough to make me stop using Opera! The depth of the colors makes it almost impossible to read the text on the tabs. I can find no way to opt out of this. Has anyone else had any success?

  • Hi, exactly the same issue here, after updating to version 45.0.2552.898 few days ago.
    Quite funny for the moment 😉 but hope next update will solve this issue.
    Nothing to add, right description above from marchair.

  • Same here, running opera 45.0.2552.898 Stable, on Linux Mint 18.1 (x86; MATE).


  • Interesting ... no issue with KDE on Mageia 6.

  • Fyi, the latest stable version of opera is 46.x since late June.

  • I'm on Lubuntu -- Ubuntu 16.10 LXDE desktop. I have refused to upgrade to the latest version (Ubuntu 17.x) because I haven't quite figured this one out, yet. Perhaps that is why I can only download Opera 45.x? (I just checked again, today.)

  • Hi, we've got this in our database waiting to be fixed.

  • Mine is currently green, although it is often brown, and sometimes more orangey. It literally changes colours! 🍌

    Glad it's on the fix list - been driving me nuts looking for a preference and trying themes.

    Xubuntu 17.04 - Opera 45.0.2552.898

  • I think that this bug will never be fixed. As it was said, there is no development of Opera 32 bit version now. The last version is 45. Another annoying bug - the "Menu" button becomes red, asking to install the latest security updates! After choosing it, you are redirected to download the same build of Opera! It's very sad!

  • I hope they do fix it. Yes, my Menu bar is red right now, and I have a pink / grey background today for some reason...often it is all sorts of pastel shades.

  • Will this annoying behave will be fixed?

    As pindos said, the latest security update is the same build!

  • If you are on 32bit, you can not upgrade opera to 46 or newer, so you stay with opera 45 and the bug. And no, opera is not the only closed source linux software that has dropped 32bit support.

  • It's very strange. Opera still develops new versions of 32-bit products for Windows. But there is no support for Linux. I understand that amount of Linux 32-bit users is too small, I think. As for me, I start to use Linux on my Asus EeePC because of the Opera. Windows 10 work fine on it, more better then Linux, but Opera for Windows works very slow! And I can't install 64-bit OS on this machine. The processor doesn't support it. 😞

  • Fyi, opera did not have a 32bit linux version back in 2013 when opera 15 was released, marking the switch from presto to webkit engine. The 32bit version came much later, I think after vivaldi was released with support for 32bit linux.
    And the same happens for chrome. Chrome on windows is available both 32 and 64 bits, on linux it is only for 64 bits.

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