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  • Hello there!

    I gues a lot of this has already be mentioned, but I simply want to list those things I am missing in the new Opera.
    I guess I am not all alone. None of these things are essential for a browser. But they made me choose opera over all others. Why? They make Opera a lot more comfortable, especially when you do serios research work in the internet.

    • Open in new Tab / Open in new background Tab (do a google search and open a lot of interesting sites in the background. or open a single site at once, without clicking on the tab - great)

    • Auto Fill: I dont want my Browser to remember every search I ever did and offer me hundreds of choices in every form field. I just want some stuff, I use a lot, to be remembered.

    • Stackable Tabs: Sure, you don't need that if you are looking for a few nice pictures or something. But again, great for researching.

    • Preview in tabs. Yeah, I want my preview back! 🙂

    • Tab options: I want to choose the ctrl + tab behavior (last used tab first, or just in a row).

    • Bookmarks: Please give us a proper bookmark manager!!

    To be honest, those little things made opera the best and most comfortable browser for serios work. Now? Well, you know, what I'm saying...


  • Let's see ... 1 is already here, part of 2 (only certain fields, and not shown in context menu), and 5 to some degree (see opera:flags), the other 3 are not.

  • Well...
    1: No? I might be blind, but I have "Open in new tab" and "Open in new Window". Nothing else.
    2: Yeah, you are right. There are some fields. Still... missing others.
    5: All right... didn't know that flag stuff.