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When does the Links sync again

  • I'm still using Opera 12 for the only reason that it supports Opera Link.

    It doesn't make sense that one of the main features of Opera browsers were erased long time ago. I appreciate all the new features but I prefer to sacrifice them and keep using Opera 12 only for having the capability of syncing my link.

    The problem is that Opera 12 is a CPU and RAM killer. Even in my I7 is really slower than other browsers (IE. Chrome). And Flash gives a lot of problems. That's the reason because I'll move to another browser and break my relationship with Opera soon.

    I have to say I was using Opera for more than 10 years, when Opera was a pay browser (not free). I was using Opera in all my computers, mobiles phones and even NDS... That's a stupid way of losing clients IMHO.

  • Opera 12 was such a good browser. I realy want to support Opera and gave Opera > 20 several chances. In the end I switched back to a mix of Opera 12 and up-to-date browsers again. There are so many flaws in this new browser and the missing Opera-Link function just takes the cake.
    3 years the same message. You have to be kidding!
    Opera Link still works on Opera 12 (with minor bugs). IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK THAT LONG ON ADDING AN ALREADY WORKING FEATURE. If Opera realy works on it, why cant they just show us their progress by adding an unfinished version to Opera>20?

  • They are not adding Link to the new browser. They are implementing a completely new way to sync items. That takes time.

  • Wouldn't it be kinda intelligent to add the old Link-System to Opera>20 as long as they are working on the "completely new way"? I cannot see the purpose of a innovative system with years of development for a browser that has already been killed by bad marketing.

  • Implementing Link would also take its time and while it would probably be a bit less, they'd have to make sure then that both systems could work side by side. There's really no point in adding one system before another if neither one of them is implemented already.

  • I'm just looking at Opera Dev and what I can see? Synch! I cannot believe. It seems to be a little ascetic option.

    But still no tab-stacking, trash in right place, notes, mail client, more gestures, scrolling tabs, bookmarks tree etc.

  • I have installed on my computer the two browsers Opera 12.17 and Opera 25.0 .- Well I wish transfer Bookmarks from Opera 12.17, to the Bookmarks Toolbar Opera 25.0.- I already took several days trying to make it's operation, but I can not. - ¿¿¿Is there anyone who can help me to carry out this operation ????.- Thank you very much.

  • "They are working on this, so don't be so childish all of you who complain. "

    That's retarded. This feature worked way way back when in opera 12 (the current version is 25). They broke it with an update, and it's been in the exact same broken state year after year. By my measure they've been "working" on this for more than two years.

    Opera pioneered this feature and now every browser on the market today supports some kind of sync, even if it's through 3rd party extensions, except for opera.

    The users are SUPPOSED to complain! Otherwise the developers wouldn't have a clue what features people want.

    If the users simply do as you ask, leave without saying anything then opera will be dead.

    Without the users you are insulting with your post, opera would not exist in the first place. I personally love opera, I've been using it since it cost money (Started with version 2, upgraded to 4), but without the sync feature I cannot keep using it.

    It's stupid to spend countless hours setting up my browser exactly the way I want it only to lose all that work and have to start all over again on a new computer or on the same computer after it's been wiped and restored or upgraded to a new OS.

    Which is exactly what just happened to me today, I had to replace the HDD in my laptop, installed windows, and then opera, logged into opera link using the synchronize menu and was shocked to see it does nothing but pull up a web-page with a few of my bookmarks and show me the same message I saw a year and a half ago about being patient. I'm generally a patient person but this is ridiculous.

    In the time I've been waiting for opera to pull it's head out of it's ass, Xmarks was born, gained massive popularity, ran out of funding, died, and was absorbed by lastpass.


    Opera allows for massive customization, I had hundreds of bookmarks, extensions, stored passwords, custom settings, etc. As I mentioned I've been using it for years and years. I had it just perfect. I even helped the extension developers debug "buffer" just the other day before my laptop HDD died.

    Now all that is just gone, wiped from existence.

    I don't have to waste dozens of hours re-doing all of that work on Chrome, Firefox, or Internet explorer (all I have to do is log back in, fire up sync and BAM, right back to where I was before) so how can I continue to use Opera? There isn't enough time in the day as it is.

    If the developers were ever going to get sync working, they would have done it a long long time ago. It just isn't that hard. Give the users what they want or pack up and go home. We don't need you.

    At the very fucking least, remove the "synchronize" menu that does nothing except fool the users into thinking their stuff is backed up.

    I'm now going to move permanently to either Chrome or Firefox, which ever performs better on my system. Opera is dead to me now.


  • I have been using Opera as my main browser in what I consider, for me, a logical and practical way. I use a PC at home and a laptop and a smaller notebook for different external environments. The speed dial contains links that I use often, banks, airlines, news sources, etc. and I use the bookmarks as a kind of index for references, some of which get accessed maybe only a couple of times a year but which I know are there and save me searching for them before I can access the information needed.
    As long as speed dial was synchronised, this all functioned effortlessly. Not any more and, as soon as I can find another browser with exactly the functionality that Opera once had, I'm away.
    It seems to me that all software suppliers eventually fall into the same bad habit - they stop thinking about what suits their customers and concentrating on that in favour of embarking on making changes, not because they improve their customers' experience, but because they can!


  • The Opera Link is the "old" bookmark sync system that is present in Opera Mini and Opera 12.16, and Opera Blink (actually, 26 version) uses a different bookmark sync system. You can download the 12.16 version and, in the case of Windows, both versions can work together. Fortunately, you can import the synched bookmarks of Opera 12.16 using Opera Link, and import it to Opera 26 using the bookmark importer.

    PS: In GNU/Linux, install both versions of Opera is practically impossible.

  • PS: In GNU/Linux, install both versions of Opera is practically impossible.

    I have used 12.14 (and previous Presto versions) for quite a considerable number of years as a Linux equivalent of a stand-alone install (everything contained in one folder), the wonders of *.tar.bz2 and *.tar.xz archives. A number of months ago, I installed the .deb file of Opera developer as a proper (full) install, and they both (obviously) work fine together, with no interference whatsoever. Granted, you can't do full installations of both, as they both use the .opera folder for their settings, and that would create chaos. But doing it the way I have works great, and is easily possible.

  • I share the frustration regarding the demise in v20+ of: linked/synced bookmarks, notes and speed dial plus MHT web page saving along with intelligent tab functionality - and including OPERA keyboard shortcuts (over mouse clicking) along with the developer tools - has kept me with Opera V12.x; tried the newest version(s) - missing all of these key functions reverted back to old Opera v12.x

    Likely to leave this ecosphere if the new version doesn't maintain some variant of the functionality / features of v12x

    Too bad - and after 10+ years as a loyal Opera power user...

    David Smith

  • I have opera on PC an Android smartphone a want to retire and a new Android smartphone. The old smartphone has my useful speed dials. Am I right to expect those to be able to go across to the new one? Automatically? Some trigger by me?

  • I have opera on PC an Android smartphone a want to retire and a new Android smartphone. The old smartphone has my useful speed dials. Am I right to expect those to be able to go across to the new one? Automatically? Some trigger by me?

    They all need to be Opera 29+ with sync enabled and the same account logged in.

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