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When does the Links sync again

  • Since we're talking about this I think it's somewhat kind of dumb to offer the option of a non-working feature.
    Why would you do this ? I'm back at Opera since the change to Chromium and since then this feature "Synchronize" is there for nothing.

    It's still experimental and only syncs a very few itens but it works.

  • I was using Opera since I had to pay for it.
    Today Opera Link just assures me that my bookmarks are safe and Firefox invites to create Firefox Sync account.
    This feature is available on mobiles also.

    Opera should write a book about loosing.

  • Bye Opera I have found something better you are broken now - nice knowing you. Why you ask? No more Links/Notes sync, no update to Ubuntu browser, no communication re: above

    This will be my last post ever just have to dl my bookmarks and I'm outta here and never coming back to this disaster area company.

    No hard feelings, it was free in any case 😛

  • time to move on..

  • bring back sync service, i cant move my bookmarks into opera. or at lease fix import bookmark files in opera 22.0

  • Opera, stop ignore us! I remember that you promised to bring Link back a YEAR AGO when released Opera 15! Already out version 22! Where's our Link? It's very needed and useful feature. Please, bring it back soon in the next updates!!! Otherwise you will lose the last loyal users.

  • [Mod note: Off-topic comment removed]

  • Developers, we need Opera Link working PLEASE!!!

  • [mod edit: English only in here please]

  • Opera 24 is making huge progress into the right direction towards being a full browser again.
    As someone who's granted access to Opera's Bug Tracking System (but not working for Opera so there's no point in doubting my words) I can assure you that sync is being reworked.
    It's not ready yet and I'm not allowed to tell you more specifics, but syncing functionality is not forgotten. Promised.

  • @christoph142 I take you by your word. For now, opera is gone at all my machines and devices, but as soon the sync feature and an updated linux version are back, I will likely give it try again. Opera has deserved it 😉

  • an updated linux version
    Do you mean this one?

  • OK. I just discovered that Opera had Opera Link that would work between my PC and my Android.

    I installed Opera Mini on my Android. I already had Opera on my Windows PC to test customer websites.

    I created an Opera Link account, created some bookmarks on my PC and couldn't find them on my Android.

    Only then did I discover that Opera Link no longer works and that Opera doesn't tell you this until you've wasted 1.5 hours installing Opera, testing it out, troubleshooting it, and then discovering that the people at Opera are attracting users to adopt their browser solely for the purpose of pissing them off.

    Within 10 minutes of posting this, I will have deleted Opera from my PC and my Android phone, and deleted my Opera Link account. I will no longer test customer websites on Opera.

    Thanks for nothing, Opera! It will be a cold day in Hades before I recommend your browser to anyone.

  • I'm thinking about create some extensions, which will be connected to my database where will be saved these bookmarks, password etc...

  • For updates see here:

  • I gave Opera a chance.
    I tried the Opera for Android and sort of liked it.
    I installed Opera on my laptop, and liked it less.
    I tried Opera Link, did not work
    Tryed to remove Yahoo from search engines and it didnt work
    I tried uninstall Opera from all my devices and it worked.

    Bye bye Opera.
    I will return to my usefull, configurable browsers again.

  • I'm still using Opera 12 for the only reason that it supports Opera Link.

    It doesn't make sense that one of the main features of Opera browsers were erased long time ago. I appreciate all the new features but I prefer to sacrifice them and keep using Opera 12 only for having the capability of syncing my link.

    The problem is that Opera 12 is a CPU and RAM killer. Even in my I7 is really slower than other browsers (IE. Chrome). And Flash gives a lot of problems. That's the reason because I'll move to another browser and break my relationship with Opera soon.

    I have to say I was using Opera for more than 10 years, when Opera was a pay browser (not free). I was using Opera in all my computers, mobiles phones and even NDS... That's a stupid way of losing clients IMHO.

  • Opera 12 was such a good browser. I realy want to support Opera and gave Opera > 20 several chances. In the end I switched back to a mix of Opera 12 and up-to-date browsers again. There are so many flaws in this new browser and the missing Opera-Link function just takes the cake.
    3 years the same message. You have to be kidding!
    Opera Link still works on Opera 12 (with minor bugs). IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK THAT LONG ON ADDING AN ALREADY WORKING FEATURE. If Opera realy works on it, why cant they just show us their progress by adding an unfinished version to Opera>20?

  • They are not adding Link to the new browser. They are implementing a completely new way to sync items. That takes time.

  • Wouldn't it be kinda intelligent to add the old Link-System to Opera>20 as long as they are working on the "completely new way"? I cannot see the purpose of a innovative system with years of development for a browser that has already been killed by bad marketing.

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