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  • When you open a private window in Opera, the landing page shows a "Private browsing" banner, but after that there's nothing that shows the window that was opened as a private window is indeed a private window. Even if you open a new tab, after the initial open, all the new tabs look just like they do in a normal browser window.

    (Unless I'm completely missing something; on Linux, there is no other identifier, and I'm assuming it's the same on other platforms.)

    Both Chrome/Chromium and Firefox have badges on the toolbar -- Firefox has a little purple mask in the upper-left corner, and Chrome has a little guy looking like a spy in the upper-left corner, as well as a darker shade of toolbar/top than a normal window. Opera doesn't have this.

    And in both Chrome and Firefox, when you're in a private window and open a new tab, that new tab always has a splash banner telling the user that the browser is in a private mode. Opera doesn't have this.

    So Opera private windows, after the initial open, are indistinguishable from normal windows. If you have a number of windows open, especially if you have multiple screens in front of your face, this can be an issue. For instance, say you have Opera set to "Continue where I left off" so it re-opens previous tabs when you fire up the browser; if you think you're browsing in a normal window when you're actually in a private window, then close that browser thinking you'll return to those tabs when you open the browser again, you're out of luck.

    The most convenient way of dealing with this would be to do what Firefox and Chrome have done and put a badge/icon somewhere on the toolbar to show you're actually in a private window. (And Chrome's changing the shade of the browser frame is nice.)

    At the very least, new tabs in an Opera private window could let the user know that the browser is indeed in private mode, just like on the initial page when you open a "New private window."

    If I knew the first thing about making extensions, I'd try to make one that mirrors how private windows on Chrome looks for Opera. But I don't, so I'm posting here.

  • You mean like this?

  • Yep! like that.

    That is nowhere to be found in the Linux distribution of Opera, at least none I've seen. Is that on Windows or a Mac? Is there a flag that needs to be enabled?

    Because I've never seen that on any of my Linux Opera installations, ever.

  • Is that on Windows or a Mac?


    Is there a flag that needs to be enabled?

    At least on Windows, there isn't.

    Also on Opera for Windows, the tab bar in private mode has a different background color.

  • Okay, none of that is happening on Linux.

    If I could edit my post I would, but for now, I guess my suggestion still stands for the Linux edition of Opera.

  • Just an update:

    On the latest, Opera 45.0 for Linux, private windows ARE NOW identified. There's a little pair of spectacles on the tabs in a private window.

    So that's that issue taken care of, good job.