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Non-Official Opera browser feature survey

  • Something important wasn't there. Like that I could play videos without stuttering: it's not a feature, but it's an inherited Chromium problem

    And wouldn't make sense in a survey about features.

  • Everyone who find something not clear enough in the survey, please post it here to help me fix it!

  • [Survey item Suggestion]

    Arrange tabs
    Warning exit dialog

    Would be nice to be added to Opera.
    May be add it to the survey? (Don't know if "the edit" it's just for the responses or even for the questions)

  • What do you mean by arrange tabs?

    And huge thanks for the exit warning. I miss it the most, but totally forgot.

  • What do you mean by arrange tabs?
    And huge thanks for the exit warning. I miss it the most, but totally forgot.


  • I would suggest that you do not demand that people have a Google account in order to take the survey. There is no way that I am ever going to get a Google account.

  • I am ever going to get a Google account.

    Does that means that the others are safe? :rolleyes:

  • Mistaken post... :rolleyes:

  • Since it is not an official survey, what is the point?

    The link is not accessible to everyone. When using a VPN, it wants you to create an account, which makes it seem as if you are trying to collect something else (referrals; affiliate programme?). I still would not create an account.

  • The point of the survey being closed is to prevent flooding and so falsifying the results. But your points are valid, so I guess I will open it. I will update the survey with a few new features later this week. I will post a notification here.

    About the survey, I've already got positive feedback from the devs. No promises though.

  • Have a look here maybe some are worth to be voted in the survey.

  • I'm really pleased with that survey.

    Few words for devs 🙂
    For me, as a "tabs manager extension" developer, a very important thing would be to hide tabs bar like I can do in Vivaldi and Firefox (in Firefox it's still not possible from Web extension, but it can be done with XUL, like in "Hide Tabbar" extension, but I know they work on it).

    Tabs stacking would be a second thing, especially if tabs could have something like parentId, visible via API for extensions, for example to use native grouping, when you switch between various "tabs manager" extensions, all groups could be the same across all of them. That would be sweeeeet. For now chrome API has only openerTabId, which is lost after browser restart.

    I would suggest to contact guys from Vivaldi, maybe you can make a compatible cross platform API for tabs stacking? What you think? Maybe contact Mozilla WebExtensions team as well? You know that Firefox folks made sidepanel API based on yours right?
    I'm working on TreeTabs extension for Opera and Vivaldi, after some small adjustments in css it works great in Firefox as well.
    Developer's scream: "Unify the Web extensions API" 🙂
    And btw. As extra widescreens gain more and more popularity, sidebars finally make sense.


  • [Survey item Suggestion]

    Tab switching with mouse wheel + mouse right button

  • [Survey item Suggestion]

    Save tabs as SD folder with with time and date

    Being that there is no sessions, auto add time and date to the folders name (like History entries).

    Despite preferring Sessions Manager, but until "decide" about that, would be an easy and useful way to keep "session tabs".

    Many big features but few small details.

  • [Survey item Suggestion]

    Integrate pinned sidebar, extension bar with normal sidebar

  • Survey should have few questions about the most commented feature requests.

  • Survey should have few questions about the most commented feature requests.

    What do you mean?

  • What do you mean?

    I mean that including too much question in a survey may not be a good thing to do.

    Too many questions may lead people to abandon the survey. And limiting the survey to the most requested features will give an idea on what are the most wanted among the most wanted.

  • It's OK, but there are many small features missing, and it is more possible that those will be implemented, than bigger ones like tab stacking.

    Anyway, I hope they start implementing them, and I can shorten the list in time. 🙂

  • [Survey item Suggestion]

    Show context menu when selecting text