Opera Developer crashes if i play "Ragnarok Game"

  • Description: Opera not load when i execute ragnarok (MMORPG), opera crashes and desativate all or some extensions and change to "Safe Mode", after exit the game, opera starts running normally

    Steps to reproduce:

    1- Opera Developer Running;
    2- Open "Ragnarok Game";
    3- try to open any tab on opera;
    4- After Exit ragnarok game, opera now running normally.

    Actual result: All tab not load, or opera crashes and restart again.

    Expected result: Opera running opening all tabs and fully functional.

    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bits (10.0 ,Compilation 14393)

    URL: Any page

    Version of Opera:
    Versão: 46.0.2556.0 (PGO) - O Opera está atualizado
    Fluxo de atualização: developer

    (if you want.. i make a video about this)


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