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[Answered]Can a network admin block (Opera's) VPN?

  • I love Opera's built-in (and free) VPN. I was trying to use VPN while logged into a public library, but it didn't seem to work. On the lower edge of the browser, it would just show that it's "waiting to connect" or something like that. When I turned off VPN, surfing any website is no problem.

    I'm now at a coffee shop and using a different wifi. And Opera's VPN is working fine.

    The public library blocks IRC and torrent, and it makes me wonder if they've also blocked VPN. Can VPN be blocked?

  • They have a filter that can block access to inappropriate websites, all they'd need to do is block SurfEasy. So sure, they can.

  • thanks, sgunhouse. i thought VPN was unblockable. I guess that also explains why Tor (and Tor browser) doesn't work with this public library.

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