Select multiple tabs with shift

  • I've almost completed the move from chrome without looking back, but there's one feature that's killing me. In Chrome, you can click on a tab, hold shift and click on other tabs to select multiple. These tabs can be closed together with (⌘+w) without closing the entire window. The multi-selected tabs can also be dragged, intuitively creating a new window. My apologies if this feature is already available. Thank you for your consideration.

  • I have not been able to find this feature in Opera, either. This missing feature combined with a couple of other minor annoyances are keeping me from making Opera my main browser 😞

  • I think this would be nice... maybe not with Shift as this actually closes the tabs, but Ctrl seems more intuitive.

  • Would like this as well. Is there a place to submit feature requests?

  • Is there a place to submit feature requests?

    Yes, here in this forum. You can also try the Desktop Team Blog

  • Shift + click closes tab so be careful.
    And not there seems no way to select with ctrl.
    I cant believe this is missing from Opera?

    Multi select tabs would ease making split screen layout (with windows) until Opera get's a similar split screen feature as Vivaldi has.

  • +1 to shift + click to select multiple tabs.

  • This is one of the last things thats keeping me from fully moving from Chrome. I like to keep my windows separated by "category" (work, fun, ..) and moving them one by one is not really effective.

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