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Remove sync data from a remote computer

  • I was wondering if in case when someone gets access to my laptop (eg steal it), do I have possibility to unsync data from this computer remotely so that next time someone launches the browser, this data is going to be unsynced (something like iphones have, a hard reset on demand). Sure there's no 100% guarantee someone will not block it by ie disabling internet access but there's a high chance it will work.

  • There's no such option.

  • Just put a password in the Laptop's user and if you need more security in the Bios / StartUp too.

  • Seems best to not include passwords in syncing. There's a setting for that.

    IMHO, your question is a good one. Seems like if syncing to and from the cloud were properly set up, then one should be able to change the sync data in the cloud and stuff like passwords (and more) would be eliminated for other devices that synced to the cloud sync data.

    If there were a modest sync manager, one could control what was and wasn't synced from the cloud data to any particular device by logging in and making a few quick adjustments.

  • YES, a sync manager would be great. I have obsolete PCs on my sync list and can´t seem to get rid of them. Also some PCs sync bookmarks but not the Open tabs/ Speedial properly.

    If one could remote reset or change something, this would be great!

  • You could reset your sync data online if it's ok locally.
    Then just sync again.

    Old inexistent devices will be gone.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Just keep a bckp before:
    In Opera help you'll find the bookmarks file and path or use V7 Bookmarks extension.

  • I know the meaning of backup 😉
    Since I had several chrashed harddrives and even a backup was corrupt I am kind of anal now about backing up or doing operations which I know might lead to data loss.
    I am probably one of the few person to have e-mails dating back to 1998. I still miss my Eudora from back then. E-Mail systems from today still don`t measure up to it. The Bat is the only one coming close (Came here on the search for info about Opera Mail), but I see a lot of corruption going on in TheBat an none working filters... makes me nervous...
    It is fascinating when I was writing to my brother back and forth and how proud he was to have a 250MB Harddrive or how fascinated I was by the ZIP disk with 100MB memory capacity (Never trusted CDs) :-)))

  • Just have to advice.
    Not everyone knows about the importance of the back ups.