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Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application

  • @t3rm1 So what is the problem? Can't you open them from Opera after the download?

    Opera doesn't support opening files directly if this is what you are talking about. You can however request it in the proper section of the forum or even better support one of the probably already created ones.

  • So you are saying there is no possibility to view the PDF in opera without saving it manually to disk before? If that's the case then I'm going to uninstall. That would be absolutely ridicuous to not have that option.

  • @t3rm1 You can use the internal PDF reader.

    BTW, there is no way to do nothing with a file on any program without downloading the file first to your computer,

  • Opera 12 had 2 options for automatically opening a pdf file with another application. One was that Opera would download the pdf file to the temp_downloads folder (not the downloads folder) and then pass that path to the external application where that application would open it. The other was the "pass web address directly" option where Opera would just pass the URL directly to the application where the application would download it itself and open that download.

    The OP said that Chromium Opera used to do one of those (the former I guessing, with the default pdf handler on the system, but the downloads folder instead of a temporary downloads folder or the temp folder), but it stopped working after Opera 43. Now Opera just downloads the pdf file and you manually have to launch the pdf file from your downloads folder or Opera's downloads dialog. As in, it quit being automatic.

    It looks like Opera's current behavior is Chromium's intended behavior and there's nothing we can do about it except add a suggestion that Opera implement some modifications of the Chromium code/setting to optionally make it work like it use to.

  • @leocg It is not working then. I searched the forum and it seems many other people have the same problem. Opera does not open the PDF file but only shows a download dialog.

  • @t3rm1 It's probably (ignore my comment #3 as I misinterpreted what the current issue is about).

  • @t3rm1 That's why I asked if you could open the PDF in Opera after the download. If yes, then the problem can be on pages sending wrong information about the PDF files to Opera.

  • @leocg If I open a PDF from my computer with Opera it shows me the download dialog.

  • @t3rm1 Is the option to download PDFs instead of using the internal viewer disabled?

  • @leocg It is enabled but not checked. There is no difference when I check it. Anyway, I deleted my profile and created a new one. It is working now. Thanks for trying to help me!

  • @t3rm1 Most probably your profile was corrupted.

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