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I can only see the crash report page

  • Hi guys, suddenly Opera show me the crash page, that and only that page no matter what I try to do.
    I tried to delete the preferences il Library -> Application Support but nothing changed, then I uninstalled Opera and deleted the preferences and do a fresh new installation and nothing changed...

    anyone knows what's happening, it was working well till yesterday...

    OSX 10.12.3 Sierra
    Opera 44.0

  • Hi @luzzuc, it won't be easy figuring this one out :). Do you still have access to the Preferences or opera://flags, or do you get a crash page when you try to access those too?

  • Hi @avi sadly Preferences and opera://flags they both show the crash page

  • If you set a 'crash mail address', I will be able to look up your crash in Opera's crash reporting system and might be able to pinpoint what's going wrong or fix it :). This will (hopefully) send an email address along with the crash report to Opera's servers when the crash happens.

    To do this, make sure Opera isn't running, and from a Terminal window enter:

    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPCrashEmail

    Replace with anything of your choice, it doesn't even have to be your real email address as long as you can tell me afterwards which address you used, so I can use it to identify your crashes.

    Thanks for the help!

  • And... done, inserted the email and "opened" a couple of pages, even if I may have disabled the option to send reports to Opera, back in the days, if that is and existing option in the preferences. Maybe there's another terminal-string to activate it if that is the case?

    And the magic email address is...: luzzuc@helpme.pls

    And thanks to you @avi for trying to help me

  • Well I feel a bit ridiculous now, turns out crash reports from stable versions are throttled (not all of them are processed) and I can't find your report. Do you get the same crash when using the developer version of Opera (on , follow 'Latest downloads' -> Opera developer -> macOS)?

    If it doesn't crash when you use Opera developer, here's another thing to try. You said:

    I tried to delete the preferences il Library -> Application Support but nothing changed

    Just the preferences, or everything? Try renaming the directory Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera (while Opera isn't running) and see if that fixes things.

  • All right, installed the developer version (very nice ui indeed) and got the crash page no matter what I try just as the stable version. I suppose that the developer version send all the reports so should I activate the email for this version also or does it take it from the stable? And if I have to activate it can you tell me the string to type?

    Speaking about the preferences I used an application called AppCleaner and deleted everything that was Opera related so I think I deleted everything and not the preferences only.

  • You're right, you need to activate the email 🙂 For developer you'll need to type:

    defaults write com.operasoftware.OperaDeveloper OPCrashEmail luzzuc@helpme.pls

  • And here we are. Email activated, opened Opera Developer (crash page), clicked on bookmarks icon (crash page), opened (crash page), opened (crash page).

    Don't know if it can help but I noticed that every times it make a little loading but nothing happens.

    Your turn now 😃

  • There seems to be a crash initializing audio support. What Mac do you have, what does the first line say in About This Mac (e.g. for the machine I'm currently on "MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)")?

  • iMac (Retina 5k, 27-inch, Mid 2015)

    Since you say that it's an audio initialize problem I've got to tell you that I have a Line6 UX1 external input-output audio unit plugged in that I use on daily basis to listen from headphones and record my guitar.

    Now, just for fun, I try to switch to normal Mac audio output and see if Opera is more happy about it. 🙂 (but since the input will be still through the UX1 I think it will fail...)

  • as I thought nothing changed... 😞

  • And does it work if you disconnect the UX1 completely?

  • Sorry for the delay, I tried to shut down the computer, unplug the UX1 and turned on the computer but nothing changed, always the crash page

  • Hey @avi guess what? Today I upgraded OSX to version 10.12.4 and both versions of Opera (stable and developer) started to work again.

    Thank you very much for your help

  • Great @luzzuc :).