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Opera 43 doesn't remember window size and position anymore.

  • Same with versions 44 and 45 dev.

  • Same here on version 44, amd64 Ubuntu. I have 2 Ubuntu installations on different computers. One is good. Comparing Preferences file with the good and bad one, in "browser tag" the following settings are missing:


    Values are for non-maximized left-top-bottom aligned window.

  • Same on version 46 dev.

  • same on opera 44.0.2510.1449 on Linux Mint 18.1. window opens half size when fresh starting opera. i Have to maximize window everytime i restart opera.

  • Same on Opera 45.0.2552.635.

  • have had the same problem - in all versions since opera 38 - only way i can get the browser to start in the size that fits my screen is by uninstalling opera then install an older version ie 38 then position the window where i want it then upgrade to latest version ie 45 this is really a pain as i love this browser - do opera actually take any notice of these posts ??????

  • Same on 45.0.2552.812 | Stable | Manjaro Linux (x86_64; XFCE)

  • Still happening with Opera 46.0.2597.32 on Linux Mint 18.1 (x86_64; XFCE)

    And some of the fixes that Google turns up are horribly old and don't work any more. What does it take to get Developers to notice you? It's getting to be the same all over the net, and I don't have a van de Graaf generator to attach.

  • Thanks, dalatkid17, but to start Opera maximized ist not the suggestion to my problem. Opera doesn't remember it's size and position in windowed mode.

    At last I will check upcoming version 47, otherwise i will switch to Vivaldi.

  • dalatkid17, I couldn't get that fix to work. Instead, I had to modify the command in the Launcher.

  • I've recently returned to using Opera after many years and was very surprised to find this issue.

    I'm currently using v46, 47 and 48 (stable, beta and development) and all show the same problem in that the window size and position when Opera is closed are not remembered when Opera is restarted. This is a basic requirement for any GUI application. Starting applications with their windows maximised is not always wanted.

    I've submitted a bug report but I doubt that much will happen after so many releases seem to have exhibited this issue. It makes me think that the developers are more interested in introducing new features rather than restoring basic functionality that has over time been lost.

    For what it's worth I'm using Opera on Xubuntu 16.,04, 17.04 and 17.10.

  • Hi all.

    First of all, this is not solution - it's a workaround.
    I'm using Opera 56.0.3051.104 on Xubuntu 18.04 but i think you can apply this on any other version of Linux DE.
    You have to modify opera's launcher:
    Right click on it, Properties, Pencil icon (edit the currently selected item), Command field (third from above) where opera %U is already written. Overwrite with:
    opera --window-position=118,64 --window-size=1682,951 %U

    That's actual settings for my 24' display and the Opera window is now positioned on the center of the screen in windowed mode. Of course, you can play with numbers (X and Y) until you get the desired position.

    Cheers everyone.