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How can I disable very annoying tab preview when using ctrl+tab?

  • How can I disable very annoying tab preview when using ctrl+tab?

    Description: The tab preview feature is highly annoying and made even worse by you devs hiding any way to disable it.

    Steps to reproduce: Click ctrl+tab key. I don't want to preview a tab because I can see the name of the tab in the description field anyway.

    Expected result: I want a normal tab switcher like in Chrome or Firefox or any other browser. There's a reason tab preview is not enabled by default in browsers - most users don't want them.

    OS: Linux Ubuntu 15.10

    Version of Opera: Latest version

    On the other hand your new VPN feature is great. Thanks for that.

    Now - how on Earth can I disable tab preview? I have googled for a long time on several occasions already. Never force users to use particular experimental features, always make them optional but I think in this case most people don't even want tab preview in the first place. It's feature bloat.


  • Welcome to Opera forums @Tera552!

    If the settings are the same for Win and *nix, then go to:

    • Settings > Search > Tab Preview (Uncheck)
  • Won't work. Mine is disabled in Windows, but Ctrl-Tab still shows previews. It disables the preview you'd see when hovering a tab on the tab bar, but not Ctrl-Tab previews.

  • Oh! Mmmm...

    Off Topic Mode On:

    Has this behavior changed through versions¿?
    I think that using Ctrl + Tab only displayed the dropdown menu.

    Off Topic Mode Off

    So, this discussion should belong to Suggestions¿?

  • Well, a request should be made there for such an option, yes.

  • At the first time I thought he doesn't find the option, then with your answer and after tested with Beta and Dev (both show previews in ctrl + tab even show preview tabs option unchecked), it's not what I thought nor a bug.

    Tera552, you should ask for it as a suggestion in suggestion box.