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  • Hi
    During the deletion of an account Opera Mail crashed.
    I ended up with a Opera that shows the account in E-mail list but not in the accounts mgmt list.
    I removed the folder that contains the e-mail body but the headers of the emails are still shown.
    If I rightclick on the e-mail account Opera crashes.

    How do I remove all listed e-mail headers

  • If I'm not wrong you will need to edit Accounts.ini in OMail folder or re-Add the right eMails again.

    I suppose @BurnOut426 or @SGunHouse will guide u rightly.

  • Close down Opera and edit accounts.ini in the mail folder. See if the account is still listed there. If so, remove its section, make sure Account1= is set to the number for the first valid account, and make sure the Next available id is set to 1 after the last account number.

    Then, edit index.ini. You're going to need to look for a Index N (where N is a number) that has a name=Inbox. There will be more than one, so you're going to try and have to figure out which one is for the account that you removed. If it's a POP account, there's probably just 2 of them: one Name=Sent and one Name=Inbox. They should both have the same Parent id and most likely will have ids that are right next to each other or close. Take note of their parent id and remove the category up top that has that id. Then, remove those 2 indexes. Then, subtract the index count at the top by 2 (or how many indexes you deleted. Save changes.

    Then, in the sessions folder in the preferences folder, delete so that the account isn't automatically selected when you start Opera Mail up.

    Then, check the database, which might fix some things.

    If you still see messages for the account in other views like All Messages/Received though, you're going to have to create a new mail folder, add all your accounts back in and do a generic mbox import from the old mail folder back into the corresponding accounts to get messages that are no longer and the server back. But, let's wait for that.

    An alternative you can try first if you want is to add the section for the account back to accounts.ini and try to delete the account again. Maybe it'll work this time without crashing and properly remove everything in the database, indexer and index.ini.

  • O.O I hope Th00ht will read the BurnOut426 post til the end, latest paragraph could be the first thing to test before :norris: !! :lol:

    The post also should be pinned!