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  • When I open a link in a new tab by either centre clicking (usually) or right click "open link in new tab" it seems reasonable to me for that tab to open and be immediately visible (is that not why I clicked it in the first place?). I was using Mozilla Firefox for a long time and the option to go to new tab was in the settings. Can you write this in to avoid the extra click/ clicks every time I open a new tab from a link in an existing one?

    John Palmer

  • In Opera we use keyboard modifiers for this. Shift + Middle-click will open a link in a new foreground tab (assuming you're using Opera 20).

    If you want to open the link, then simply click it. There is no need to start another Opera process by opening a new tab. When you're done with that page, gesture left to return to the current page.

  • Shift middle click doesn't seem to do it for me. I have Windows 7. (My mouse is a bit odd with a wheel in the middle, but you can press down on it, which I did. That seemed like a click. I agree with the poster that when you say "open a new tab" the default ought to open the tab in the foreground.

    Also if there's some keyboard combination that gets it there (new link clicked on and opened in the foreground) it ought to be published in the help section of the browser. I went to Settings/ Navigate with Shortcuts/ Keyboard shortcuts and it's not there.

  • Ha, I discovered my problem. My middle key on the mouse was not configured for a click. Sorry, Pesala, and you are right. Thanks.

    To open a link in a new background tab, we middle click on it. To open the link in a new foreground tab, we go shift + middle click.

  • Pesala,

    I am having problems with Opera 11.64, Build 1403 and would like to install a different version. Which version would you recommend and how would I install same, given that I would like to keep 11.64 but would also like all my mail moved to the newer version? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
    /* Phil */

  • @pkperi

    The way I do it is to use the USB install option for all versions. It keeps the profile folder in the same installation folder, so it's easier to find stuff, and to copy the profile/mail folder to a newly installed version.

    I use an encrypted virtual drive created with TrueCrypt — that keeps all of my sensitive data like email and contacts safe from the eyes of thieves, should my PC ever get stolen. If you share a PC with others, it is a secure way of having independent Opera installations (User accounts will also do that, of course, but I don't know how secure that is. I don't want to use a long password just to log on, but I don't mind using one to open an encrypted drive).

    So, in my case, I would just copy:

    O:\Opera 11.64\profile\mail


    O:\Opera 12.17\profile\mail

    Opera 12.17 is the latest and most secure version of Opera for Presto. Some users recommend 12.14, but I haven't had many problems with 12.16 (now 12.17). Opera 11.64 is better in many respects, but it broken on some sites, and just a bit too old to recommend now.

    You can find the location of the profile folder for any version of Opera from the Help menu, About Opera.

  • Thanks very much, Pesala, it is greatly appreciated. Namaste, Philip

  • I had a similar issue and it was suggested I install the open new tab extension available here

    Works a treat - you just hold on link instead of clicking to get link to open in new tab. So much easier than all the other suggestions.

  • Pesala,

    I downloaded Opera 12.7 and TrueCrypt 7.1 which I presume are what you are using. I will look up the USB Install options and let you know how things go. Thanks. Namaste, Philip

  • Pesala,

    Sorry to bother you but I could not find anything on my machine relating to the USB Install option. Is there a link for this that you know of? Namaste, Philip

  • The USB install Option is on the install dialogue when you install Opera. Just click the Options button, select the language, the USB option, and the folder.

  • When you refer to the USB Install option are you installing Opera on a USB Stick? or are you using a USB to hold the install files and then install on a hard drive? I thought you were somehow utilizing the USB in the Install process but it appears that you are actually installing it on the USB. How is all the profile info, mail folders et al installed? Using the original profile from the previous version(11.64)? Since I am upgrading from 11.54 which is somewhat defective I would prefer to install 12.17 in its place which I guess means that I would not use a USB Install mode. Am I correct?

    Thanks again, Pesala, your input is greatly appreciated. Namaste, Philip

  • As I said, “I use an encrypted virtual drive created with TrueCrypt.”

    The USB option can be used to install Opera anywhere you want, without using the Windows registry.