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Trying to get used to the latest Opera.

  • Hi,
    I am using the latest version of Opera after using 12.14 for quite a long time. Would be still using that version if my computer hadn't died a week ago.

    I've downloaded some old versions since getting the new version but even though they have been 12.14, and others around that one, they don't look like old versions, they look like new ones.
    So it looks like i now have to get used to the latest one, i have no choice. Well, i could go and start using Firefox or another one i suppose, but i'll give this a chance.

    This new version has a giant Google search box in the centre of it, it's awful!
    Can i get 'Bookmarks' back at the top on the toolbar [along with 'view' etc,] like the old versions, or is it permanently on the side bar?
    It's not as convenient is it?


  • Good day !

    I am still very much a newbie with regard to Opera. having used Firefox exclusively for about nine years. I only recently changed over to Opera, so my experience is limited. With that said, I have met the two problems you cite so perhaps my experience may be useful to you.

    [1] Google search box on StartPage - I agree with you that this is ugly and I have it switched off permanently. Clicking on the "Gear" icon at the top right of StartPage, causes a menu to appear entitled "Customise StartPage". There is a check-box right at the very bottom of this menu labelled "Search box". Check or clear this as needed.

    I personally think that the large search box on StartPage, defaulting to Google, is redundant. I have a small search box on my Tool Bar and I have set this to use DuckDuckGo -- neat, unobtrusive and using one of my preferred search engines.

    [2] Bookjmarks. There is a column of icons down the left-hand side of StartPage. The "Heart" icon (second one down) opens the top level of the Bookmarks menu.

    On this subject, I am very impressed at the way Opera imported my bookmarks from Firefox. I have over a thousand, all organised into folders, several levels deep. Opera preserved the directory structure, rather than importing as a "flat" file, which is what happens if the bookmarks are exported and imported, using and *html file --- "Yes, I did make that mistake initially, before I recognised the "Import from Firefox option ! "

    I hope these notes prove useful to you,
    Best regards,

  • He was really asking about the menu bar as far as the Bookmarks menu, Opera 42 doesn't have a menu bar.

    You can still download Opera 12, but it wasn't built for modern Linux systems. I mean, from the file dates 12.16 is over 3 years old. But it is still on the FTP server if you want it.