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Download Opera sometimes taking ages to load in Opera 12.16

  • Anyone else getting this issue? It started at the weekend. Sometimes when I hit the home button (Google is my home page), it will take 20-30 seconds before the Google home page loads. While I'm using Google to search for things, sometimes it will also stop responding for about 30 seconds. Also, sometimes if I use the custom search option in Opera to search for something in Google, again, it can take 20-30 seconds before the page loads.

    This seems to happen at random. Often Google is fine and loads instantly, but several times a day it just refuses to load.

    This issue does not affect Opera Next or the latest version of IE, so it's not my ISP or a Google issue.

    I've tried a completely fresh install of Opera 12.16 with no extensions loaded and it still happens.

  • likely some ad or script that's `sometimes' present and that the old opera is struggling with - i've noticed it showing its age at times myself. i've even noticed some sites that i use the extension lastpass on, will not input the password. i think lastpass is slowly updating itself but has lost interest in the unsupported presto engine. these issues will continue to grow more prevalent with time. i've been forced to use other browsers for those sites:(