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Customise the Search Box on Speed Dial

  • Hi all ---

    As most users will know, it is possible to have a search box on the Speed Dial screen simply by activating this option from within the "Customise start page" splash screen. The problem is that this defaults to Google and I have not been able to find a way to change this. I do not use Google unless this is essential, preferring instead to use anonymising search engines, such as Start Page and Duck Duck Go.

    There must be a file somewhere in which the URL for Google is set but I have so far been unable to find this. It should be possible to change the default URL to "" or "", etc., as required.

    Has anyone on this Forum got any relevant information on this matter ?

    Best regards to all ---

  • It is not always Google - it depends on your locale and language. Here in the US, it is Google, but some Russian members have said it was Yandex on their system. As such, I know exactly where it is - but you really can't change it, they don't accept edited versions of the file.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I'm disappointed but --- "No big deal". I have had a work-around right since Day One --- one of my top level tiles in Speed Dial is reserved for search engines (Start Page, Duck Duck go, scientific databases, etc.). So anonymous searching is available via two mouse clicks instead of one, as would have been the case had it been possible to customise the Search Box.

    Now that I am retired (I'm 83) I spend a lot of time on-line researching scientific topics so I like my browser to be customised to my personal idea of how the interface should look --- which is why I have stuck with Firefox for so long. With that said, Opera is very nice and I have presently got it set as default but Firefox is still available via a launcher on my Desktop. One of the things I admire about Opera is the way it imported my bookmarks from Firefox. I have well over a thousand of these, all in folders, several layers deep and Opera has preserved the organisational structure. This is a huge bonus point, so far as I am concerned.

    Thank you once again --- Best regards from the UK