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New Opera Neon - concept browser

  • Sometimes i wont create profiles on Windows 7.

  • @jacsonater2010 ???

  • I am confused. I guess I am slow but I didn't know about Opera Neon until a few days ago (September 15 2018). I just installed it from its official webpage. If it is not being developed, why is it still there? On the download page you get the impression that it is a new and upcoming browser. Are there really no plans to develop it any further? I was going to post some suggestions for Neon, but it seems there is no point...?

  • As you've read in the first post, Neon was a concept browser never meant to be really used as a daily browser.

    People may still want to see those concepts and that's why Neon is still available for download.

  • Neon (still) crashes immediately

    .on Windows. Will this ever be fixed?

  • Neon is not in development.

  • @leocg 'not in development' means..they're done with it?

  • Like was said in the release post, duplicated in the first post of this topic, Neon was released as a concept browser and they never had the intention to release updates to it.

  • Trying to use Opera Neon on MacOS 10.14.1 and it won't open. It tries, the header bar is visible, but no window. After some effort, just a popup saying it quit and whether or not to send report to Apple.

    It worked a couple of weeks ago just fine. I'm unsure, but I might have update MacOS in this time. I have tried ALL versions of Opera/Beta/Dev.... and they all work fine. However, only NEON works with a javascript online learning program from work, I think SAP-learning.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Neon. I have launched in Mac safemode. I have deleted the .plist file in Mac Library. Please help 🙂

  • Hey, opera neon keeps crashing every time i try to login into my google account. Any advice?

  • I'm opening the Opera neon, I'm entering on Youtube, suddenly crashing as I enter my Google account information.

  • Opera Neon doesn't ACCEPT EXTENSIONS, ADD-ON, so for me this next gen browser, is dead !!!!

  • As the first post clearly says, it was a concept browser and never meant to be really used on a daily basis.

  • bueno he descargado opera neon y me parece muy excelente pero esta en ingles y cuando me voy a ajustes, idioma pongo español latinoamerica y no pasa nada que puedo hacer.
    Por favor ayudenme.

  • Please use English in this forum.

  • @subi
    I'm getting this too. when i open in an incognito window it seems to fix the problem.

  • Hello Opera people,

    This post is targeted towards the actual Opera Devs/Mods. From what I've read, Neon was/is purely conceptual.
    Are there any plans on developing this and releasing as an actual browser?? It has great potential and with the addition of extensions and/or the ability to pin web apps it would make it insanely productive. It has great flow and an excellent layout, i would genuinely love to see this developed into something more than a concept.....PLEASE give me an update.

    Many Thanks.

  • Not an Opera developer/employee, like any mod here, but as far I know, there isn't. Some Neon features have been and may be incorporated into Opera's browsers.

  • @w33luk3 Something is on the horizon with Opera ... not sure if it will be Opera Neon-like or not, though. See this:

  • Recently downloaded and installed the Opera Neon browser. As I do with any new browser setup I create bookmarks "Bubbles" for quick access to sites I frequent. Two of the sites I am trying to bookmark are Gmail and The issue I am experiencing is that Neon crashes whenever the click Sign-In/Log-In and te Google Sign-In page comes up. I don't even get the chance to enter my log-in information. Anyone else having the same issue? Is there a known fix/workaround? So far this is only happening on my Windows Desktop installation. I have Opera Neon installed on my Android as well and can sign-in just fine.