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YABT (Yet Another Bookmarks Thread) Upgrading from 12.16

  • hello
    i apologize for being a newbie. i tried searching but the amount of threads is overwhelming.
    i tried upgrading beyond 12.16 before and got scared with the whole bookmarks fiasco. i stopped following the forums for awhile and now i'm lost.
    are we at a point where i can download the latest version, press install, and without any hacks or workarounds have my bookmarks imported? i don't care anymore how they're QAB, long as it is NOT in speed dial.
    thanks in advance! if not, i'll just stick with my trusty 12.16 until that happens
    happy holidays to everyone (if you celebrate)

  • Stay with trusty 12.16 for now. The QAB (aka Bookmarks Bar) is not enabled by default, so if the threads that you found scare you, don't go there, though I don't know what harm could come from using a USB installation and running the command line to import your bookmarks.

  • @Pesala @rilef thanks a bunch to the both of you for the tips

    so...i took a plunge on opera 18. enabled QAB and imported - so this was super clunky by default. is there any way i can rearrange this, like move it to the left of the screen? instead of listing everything horizontally?

    i tried installing the opera bookmarks extension - now this seems to work well. wonder why opera just can't include something like this by default? i did find a bug though - if you manipulate any of the bookmarks, you can no longer delete any bookmarks from the modification screen until you restart the my fear is, would opera ever disable or cripple this extension in the future? i'm scared that by it not being default, new versions of opera would come out that would break this extension. other than that, the extensions works like how i expect a normal bookmark bar to look like.

    going to give opera 18 a run for a while and see what i think.

    thanks again!

  • Originally posted by rilef:

    Opera 18 uses the same bookmark files ("Bookmarks" and "Favicons" and "Favicons-journal") as Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers. You can always copy these bookmark files from one browser to another, say from Chrome's user profile folder to Opera 18's user profile folder. You can also use many Chrome extensions, including Chrome bookmark extensions, in Opera 18. On the other hand, the Opera bookmarks extension is not recommended. It was designed for an earlier version of Opera Blink, which had no bookmarks, and does not use the same bookmark files used by Opera 18 and Chrome.

    Bookmark and other Chrome extensions are available for download from the Chrome Web Store. Prior to visiting the Chrome Web Store, you should install the Download Chrome Extensions extension from Opera add-ons.

    @rilef thanks for the tip. do you recommend any specific bookmarks extension?