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Can I make Opera stop throwing garbage at me?

  • This is a nightmare. I was able to remove the intrusive Google Link on the start page, and now whenever I open a new tab I get more rubbish on the screen: A big link button with a + sign, and other link buttons labeled Speed Dial, Stash, and Discover.

    How can I make this stop? I don't want ANYTHING pushed in my face. I want a blank screen with controls on top that only do what I want them to do, like every other browser that I've seen. Is that unreasonable?

  • Pullleease! 🙂 That's basically the speed dial page setup. You're too easily upset. And it is not garbage -- though as I said in another post, one man's garbage is another's rose.

    The plus button you click on to create a new tab. The other three button are simply there for you to choose what you want to do.

    If you click on Speed dial, you're in the Speed Dial. If you click on Stash, you're in the Stash. For example, regarding that, when you are on a web page, and want to keep it maybe short term -- don't want to make a bookmark of it -- you right click, and from the context menu that comes up, you can save it to the Stash. If you click on that Stash Button you refer to/complain about (smile), every website you have saved in the Stash comes up.for you to look at again. I like to save some videos there (people I'm interested in, who have given an interview, even YouTube could work) (though it's for you to find your best use of the feature). If you haven't saved anything in stash yet, it would be empty).

    The final button is the Discover button, with the "discover" feature, in which Opera on a daily basis linked to interests that you can pick -- news, health, technology, etc.-- selects current news stories. I find it quite entertaining and informative when I chose to go there. You can even change the language and country of the stories if you want to.

    Anyway those buttons are part of the browser interface. Like it or not, they're there. so you might take some time to play with them, and see what you think. The buttons take up little space, so if you don't want to use them, it's no big deal. (As far as I know, you cannot configure them away, though I defer to others who may know more than me there. You may surprise yourself some day by wanting to save something to Stash, in lieu of a bookmark, or by enjoying some news through the Discover button. Personally, I think the features are quite promising and innovative).

  • That's funny in a way. I stopped using Mozilla in Linux and tried the Gnome web browser. I think it's exactly what the OP wants! Almost no user interface ways to interact with the browser. I was lost. I'm pretty sure it's not available in Windows since the trend is for standard user interface features.

  • It is impossible to remove them, as lem729 said they are part of the browser, I suggest you to use Firefox if you want a blank page when you open a new tab.

  • But wait, on one point. I was saying you can't eliminate those features -- Discover, Stash -- from the speed dial page. But if you just want to open the browser with a blank page, and not with a site, or open with sites, you can EASILY do that. Then you don't have the Discover and Stash buttons in front of you.

    To do that, you go to settings (Alt P), and put the dot in Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages, then click on select pages, and if you want a blank, just type in


    If you want to set pages, just explore a bit there, but it's simple enough to plug in the pages you want. Voila, no Discover or Stash button. A very traditional opening page. Now I prefer the speed dial, but mightymelvin talked about a nightmare, so there is an option.

    Now on a new tab (as opposed to start up) I don't see how you escape the Speed dial page. If any knows how, let me know by posting here. Although I LOVE the speed dial page, with the Discover and Stash function. :))) For me, it's a huge selling point for Opera.

  • I want a blank screen with controls on top that only do what I want them to do, like every other browser that I've seen.
    I think you haven't seen many browsers...

    People like you amaze me. It's like these buttons are biting you or something, I really can't understand how you're unable to simply ignore them if you don't want to use them.

  • Still, as I just posted, he can open with a blank screen easily enough.

  • Just design your own local home page with what you do want to see, and use that as your startup page.

    Disable the pre-loading of Discover contents in Settings.

  • Create a new blank text document calling it blank

    I am on Vista Service Pack 2 and don't know how it works on the others OS,anyway i do this: in an empty spot on the desktop,click with the right mouse button,then New and Text document

    OK,now we have a blank.txt file on the desktop,we can move it to any position,i'm keeping it in my Opera's stand-alone folder and doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Click here with Opera : [Index of C:/](file:///C:/) and find this file.

    For my desktop,the path is file:///C:/Users/user/Desktop/blank.txt

    When you find your file,copy the address/path,install the Custom New Tab Page extension - Opera add-ons then Opera > Extensions > Options of this extension,paste the address/path in the field and click OK

    To access the Speed Dial, Stash, and Discover, click the Start page button Alt text located just left of the combined address and search bar.

  • Click here with Opera : [Index of C:/](file:///C:/) and find this file.
    I don't know why the link doesn't work directly,maybe is a bug in the forums,however right click the mouse and select Open link in new tab to open it.