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Delete built in search engine

  • Please allow us to remove/edit Opera Mini built in search engine (Google, Fast&Cheap, Localized Wikipedia). Locking Wikipedia in localized country i.e. Id.wikipedia instead of en.wikipedia is a bad idea. And I prefer searching with (which must be synced thru Opera Link) and just occasionaly -- Fast&Cheap is a garbage to me. I will keep &opminienc=utf-8 string if that is your concern. Thx.

  • Search engines is one of the main ways that Opera gets paid. If you want a free browser, that's the price that you pay. I expect that you can still search from if you wish, though I don't use Opera Mini.

  • This is a long running user complaint against Opera Mini and Opera Mobile for that matter.

    I appreciate that search referrals make money for Opera but what is the problem with providing better targetted options. For example if I install the English (British) language version of Opera Mini then the default engine should be to provide more accurate and relevant search results. Likewise if I install the French language version then maybe should be the default search engine. Or at least add the regional sites to the list of search engines.

    Doing that Opera loses nothing but they provide a better more relevant product to their customers.

  • Even Google Chrome do not complained if I changed the default search engine to, and remember the setting i.e. didn't reverted back to Google, albeit I cant delete it. Same as Firefox. And all of them also a Free browser-- I cannot found any paid browser these days. If Opera force us to use Google search, at least put the SSL one i.e.