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Asking to update Flash, but running latest version

  • Hello I am running Ubuntustudio 15.04 64bit with Chrome and Chromium installed. I also have pepperflashplugin-nonfree 1.7 running and have no problems in any other browser. I also have flashplugin-installer 24.0.0.

    Opera is asking me to update my flash, but it is the latest version. The instructions opera gives on manually installing to usr/lib/opera/plugins is inaccurate as I do not have such a directory. I tried to create the directory and copy the flash .so file as instructed and still have no success after restarting Opera.

    I have searched Ubuntu forums and this site and it seems there is no clear answer after over three years.
    Can anyone give me a solution?

  • Which version of Opera? Also, Adobe finally just released the NPAPI version of Flash for Linux ... while Opera 42 should have the same version as Chromium, Opera 12 (if you still use it) does not. What I'm saying is, if you use Opera 12.x then the message is probably correct. Having said that ... well, my own Flash is out of date the latest version is 24.