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I've used Opera for 10 years... no more. : (

  • yes, i like opera, because it is very imporation with me.

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  • Inform yourself:

    According to Opera "we wanted to spend our time on browser innovation, rather than competing on building a rendering engine". Well, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Opera innovating tabs, tab stacking, mouse gestures, speed dial, etc. all the while with the Presto engine? Now that they are beholden to Chromium the options are limited to the parameters of that engine and that is exactly why every Chrome clone works and looks pretty much the same. Becoming a part of a monoculture is the exact opposite of innovative.

    I don't know what the future holds but if you keep looking ahead and hoping for something that may never come, you end up missing what's right in front of you.

  • i think Opera is saying that now that they have a strong browser engine (Blink), they can put energy into innovation that otherwise might be tied up working on a new browser engine, because Presto was no longer capable of meeting current needs. Presto was dated and limited.

  • I don't know what the future holds but if you keep looking ahead and hoping for something that may never come, you end up missing what's right in front of you.
    @alreadybanned Right, and I appreciate what's in front of me right now thanks. 🙂

    not able to search for words on a page any more
    @notgarbanzo Ctrl+F works for me, enable the "advanced keyboard shortcuts" in the Settings if you're referring to . , and /

    Speed Dial - can't get more than 6 columns - it shows up to 9 in the selector, but stops at 6 in real life!
    This setting you're referring to only defines the max limit. Hmm, try enabling the advanced settings at the bottom of the page and unchecking "Use big Speed Dial thumbnails" or editing the Speed Dial thumbnails dimensions manually, the more that fit more columns you'll get.

    I just checked to make sure it's checked. It is.
    Also came across another bug (problem). I can't get Opera to save files where I want them (the desktop) even though it's set to save to the desktop. Instead it saves to two different folders and I have no idea why.
    I have two passwords saved (after using the program for a few weeks)...and it's not saving any auto complete data....just checked...nothing saved. There's nothing saved from Opera.
    @zzpat I believe I said that in another topic(?): I can't reproduce these issues. I hope you have read and write access to the Opera profile folder?!
    Would you delete the "Login Data" files from there to see if resetting the file (losing the currently saved passwords) would solve the issue?

  • Opera 12 is the best, Opera 20 is unfinished browser with weak functionality now. This one is not needed. Opera dies.
    Unable to remove and change the search engine - it's amazing! Such an incident takes place only in one browser. Opera, you become a terrible travesty.

  • You have in Opera 20, 5 choices for a search engine from the address bar (and I believe there is a security reason why there are not more). You can create a speed dial Folder for search links, or a bookmark folder on the personal toolbar for search and have infinite search engines. There are also extensions that can add search engines. The functionality may not be what you want, but there is clearly some.

  • i try but hate the latest opera ( version 12 to now 20)

    because i love opera old versi 10-11
    i can customize show ; menu bar (versi 12 oke), icon and skin menu bar (version 12-20 was loss)
    but now i don't have choice again ... old opera now died (i am tears)

    opera getting started always and always upgrade now

    but 1 again i very hate opera version 12-20

    why depelover opera was update like that make me ill feel

    for me the update/upgrade opera not always better !!!!

    by by opera ...i love you but you ... tell me by email if the opera 10-11 live again

  • You will not get Opera 12 back. It's dead at all

    Yes, we know, but O newer inform us, when new O be similar to O_12? (features)

    sorry, O_12 have many great features! new O? nothing. No difference between FF IE CH

    download manger? - for idiot no menus under RM. no box to enter link for fast download. It's horrible!
    notes? don't exist
    email client with rss etc - don't exist
    tray select and copy link adress - immpossible like ff etc. Only in O12 and lover

    main browser is O12.16, secondaru opera lastest version, third FF

    yes! some webpages don't work!!!

    and last!!! how much time crew opera need to support opera sync! it's absolutely dramatic

    maybe after 5 year O_99 main browser been new opera?


  • I used opera when I carried it around on a 1.4mB floppy. I used it when it was in beta, and all the way up to today. Reddit Enhancement Suite won't support it any longer (Opera 12 that is), and switching to 15 or 20 with the webkit/blink, I just realized how horrible it was compared to my secondary browser Chrome. Youtube support through flash plugins has been horrible for the past couple years, and I figured it was time for a break. I can't tell you guys how saddening this is for me, but I guess not really. I'll just use Chrome 100% now. The new top-tab non-customizeable layouts rob the browser of all its soul, and the bookmark manager is horrible unlike the old side-tab one. I used to have no less than about 25-100 open tabs, and this just isn't possible in the new version. If I'm stuck with blink, I might as well just go full bore Chrome/Chromium. Thanks for the 10 years guys, I hope you rethink your strategy and perhaps I'll come back if you add in a lot of the old functionality that was stupidly removed. Peace!

    Ah-MEN! I realize the possible enhancements that can be made by switching engines (WebKit), rather than maintaining your own (Presto), but in doing so we're basically all Next-Gen Opera beta testers all over again.

    I tried going back to Opera 19/20 recently after raging from Opera 15 back during its release and very little seems to be improved and so, so much is missing. Too much that it isn't even a functional browser other than having a URL bar. The options are few, the settings and other menu items just look messy, and the Speed Dial/Discover/Stash thing-a-muh-jig is still annoying as ever (for those that find it useless). Removing the side bar with favorites and substituting for a top/folder/tab like design? What the hell? One of the things that brought me to Opera 6-7 years ago was everyone was doing away with Favorites or doing some obscure method (including IE) where Opera was the last one left still offering it. If you didn't like things about it you could modify it or switch the location to please your eyes. And you can easily hide it.

    Of all things that is what makes it most useless to me. Post-It note style folders where I have to go back to scrolling again is not the future it's 20 years ago.

    In a nutshell unrequited said everything better and more eloquently than I could word for word.

  • Look, there are some wonderful new features in Opera 20, in addition to greater speed (not insignificant), more accessible sites (the Presto engine was out of date), much greater ability to use extensions than ever before, including the Chrome extensions, etc.. Those additional features include a speed dial with folders (where you can create a speed dial within each folder in the speed dial (wheels within wheels, lol), Discover, Stash, Off-Road Mode (These are features unique to Opera, and which give it distinction). I think everyone has different needs. For some people, it doesn't currently work because they have been habituated ( 🙂 like being on a drug) to the customization they had with Presto.. And, let me say, Presto had its pluses. I wish we had the password manager, and the notes function of the old browser, as well as a few other features. Keep in mind that by switching browser engines from Presto to Blink, Opera has to work up to a lot of the extras, that others take for granted in Presto. (Some of it will come in the future in the browser or by extension. Not everything will be the same). I find it a fun and promising browser. Attractive, minimalist, I love the Speed Dial. But someone has said: You can satisfy some of the people some of the time, but can't satisfy all the people all of the time.

  • I used to love Opera, but lets face it, it's just a browser, they all do the same thing, let you surf the net, some do more than others and some do less, I may come back to Opera some day, but not as long as it's Chrome based, the Chrome based browsers are my secondary browsers, I'm just not a big fan of chrome, if you have a fast computer, like most techie types like me have, then all browsers are fast, youll never notice the difference in speed, this whole forum is getting old, Opera is getting old, it's just a browser, nothing special, big deal it's just a browser and it does less than all the others. I know the same people that reply to every single post in here will tell me, thats great glad to hear it now why dont you move on, maybe I will, getting tired of the same old people telling everybody what a great browser this is, It's Just an Effing Browser.

  • They don't all do the same thing, colderwinters. They TRY to let you surf the net. Some browsers crash on certain websites, or don't render it well. Others may de better.. And browsers have different feature sets. No browser other than Opera has a Speed Dial WITH folders of items. That's unique. If a prospective user would enjoy that, then Opera has something to offer. The same with the Discover feature -- browser offered websites on a variety of subjects, changed on a daily basis, and in different languages, and for different countries. That's a unique Opera feature. If you would enjoy that, then Opera has something to offer that is unique. Opera also offers Stash, Off-Road Mode, and other features that distinguish it from other browsers. You're right that if you have really highly advanced equipment, you won't notice the difference in speed between browsers, but not everyone is as fortunate as you are with the equipment. Many people do notice it. They may have small laptops, and or even surf on limited wifi signal, and there browser speed (maybe even Off-Road mode) can make a difference. The fact that Opera 20 is fast, and has Off-Road Mode is a plus. Look, many people do tell you they like Opera, and they say it a number of times in the forum. But it's the same old same old, for the people who don't like it . . . Occasionally, we have new blood in the forum :). I can understand why people might like Opera 20, and also why they might not. People have different needs, and are looking for different things in the browser.

  • Ok Lem729, sorry about my rant, i install it, uninstall it, install it, uninstall it, I'll install it again and leave it on my computer at least for use as one of my secondary browsers, then I can mess with it off and on, cant hurt and you do have some points there concerning people with slower computers, I guess I can have 5 browsers, 6 if I count IE which I havent used since 2001. I'll stop griping now Lem 🙂

  • No problem colderwinters. You know, I think I'm, like you, a browser junkie too. On my desktop, I have 5 browsers set up. I do prefer the Opera 20 -- mostly the speed, extensions and speed dial sells me (and the promise that the browser will continue to develop and be better) -- but everything on the other browsers is mostly set up and loaded. On my Ipad, I'm enjoying Coast, but I have -- dare I admit my madness -- 10 browsers set up and mostly loaded. (though plan to uninstall a few as I have a space problem). If my preferred browser breaks down, I should be able to find another ;))) You're very knowledgeable on computers-sofware-browsers, so I enjoy hearing what you say and read carefully when you offer help. Of course since I like Opera, negative rants can ;)) get to me.

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