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Mini redirecting to wrong page when clicking on a link.

  • A very old Opera Mini bug which takes you to the wrong address when you click a link, is back in the latest version (ugh). Click something in a site and Opera Mini acts like you did something else and opens some random thing.

    Eg.Click "Load more tweets" in and it instead opens some random person's tweet.

  • Thanks for letting us know. I will let developers know after Christmas. Right now you can open such links in new tab and a proper page is open. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • @mbaluta Thanks. I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible. Thinking of downgrading for now. This new one is frightening. I'm afraid it might make me like peoples stuff on facebook that i wouldn't dream of liking. It happened.

  • I have same problem many years. Always have to be used "open in new tab" 😞 Opera team, please fix it!

  • @lxxxl: do you see that on any other site than Twitter? If you do, please provide a link to the page.

  • for example. It's a news site on russian language. Any link from frontpage opening wrong newspage. Any!!!!

  • @lxxxl: this site works fine for me, I opened around 10 link and all loaded fine. What version of Opera Mini do you use? What phone do you have? Do you have any unusual settings set, like Single Column View or Font size?

  • mbaluta, I use Opera mini for iOS with folowing setting:

    • "Opera Mini" save traffic mode
    • single Column View
    • 125% scale
    • wrap text
    • load Images (medium)


    • Large placeholders for image: Yes
    • Loading timeout: 30
    • Site patches and user-agent masking: Yes
    • Keep styling in RSS feeds: No
    • Fold linklists: No
    • Phonenumber detection: Yes
    • Minimum phone number length: 9
    • Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts: No
    • Show feedindex: Yes

    How did your knew that links loaded fine in your experiment with "opened around 10 links" if you not know russian language and cannot recognize by context "wrong/notwrong" opened link? I think it opened "fine" but was opened for wrong page.

    I think problems of "wrong pages" have for sites with dynamic refresh pages only (with loading content after show page via JavaScripts, AJAX technology and etc). This happend ONLY when content of just loaded page make interactive changed with added at top of the page new link(s) as for site example. debug this example with probe deep.

  • Page reload or wrong page could also result from feed:list, back and forth from several news links and checking other links from the list.

  • This behavior is old and perhaps is just a marketing strategy, that and several other problems. I didn't mention the latency where Opera Mini 4.2 j2me was at least x3 times faster, heavy sites are shown after 10-20s instead 3s and in the meantime I suppose to make a J or something, after all I'm a poor guy if I don't have 4G. Of course Opera Mini can't be better than Big UC... and perhaps this kind of understanding is above Opera M Team pay grades.

  • I'm having the same issue, mostly when I browse Twitter; I'd click on a link, and it would open another link instead.
    I used to run into that issue while using old versions of opera mini, the issue seemed to be fixed but apparently, it's back in the latest version.

  • Also often this problem occur when link have hash (#) symbol in URL