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[Solved]Speed dial in new tab – how? [Opera 41]

  • Hi! Is there any way to have Speed Dial opened in a new tab automatically? Right now, I only get this list with icons of most visited (?) pages. This is super annoying for me.

    I didn't find any option to change it, but want to ask to be sure.

  • I agree this is the most frustrating change.

  • The solution is to press the home button instead of the new tab button! It will open SD and when you select a page, it will get opened in a new tab and not in the current one.

  • This change is most frustrating ever. I know there is a home button for it now, but having both of them there wastes precious horizontal space on tablet layout when using a phone. Plus it forces to learn new behaviour. Why couldn't there be the + -icon for a new tab&speed dial and a Search icon, if there indeed must be two separate buttons?

    I changed to Chrome, at least it works how its supposed to.

  • Also, opening this new tab from the home button opens that new tab as the leftmost tab on the tab bar. This is counterintuitive and exactly the opposite of the behavior of every other browser. Completely mindboggling...

  • The difference between home and new tab is just confusing in the current version and as a side effect you can't even open a speed dial (link) in a private tab

    • if you open a new private tab, you get the search/suggestions view
    • if you hide the keyboard, the tab also immediately gets closed
    • if you open some arbitrary link in a private tab and click the home icon in the dark, private UI, you get to the standard bright, non private speed dial
    • if you long press a speed dial entry, you just get two options to edit/delete the entry, but no option to open it in a private tab
  • Ok, I forgot one way, how it IS actually possible:

    open menu, go to bookmarks, select speeddial, long press link, open more menu, select open in private tab, click 2 times back as the bookmark view is still active, and finally switch to private view.

    just 9 steps!

  • Signed up just to comment on this change. It's the worst. Who thought this was a good idea? What makes Opera think I want to search for something when I open a new tab? The new tab default should open to the Speed dial with an option in the settings to change that to whatever the user prefers.

  • If it's done then the next request would be: how to open a speeddial on the same tab! ☕

  • Thank you for restoring the old behaviour! We can now open a new tab and choose a page from the Speed Dial.

    This reminds me a blog post of one of Opera employees on the My Opera portal, back in the days, about the alternative revenue streams for reimplementing functions removed from the browser. 🙂