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Opera crashing on New Macbook

  • same problem here. hope it will be fixed really soon, cant use opera this way.

  • I Have got the same problem.

  • I have the same problem (with Yosemite on 3 different and differently configured Macs). Is there a way back to opera 41?

  • Hi @welsbach, if you're on Yosemite then you definitely don't have the same problem, the problem seen here earlier is strictly related to the Touch Bar. If you want help with your issue, you have to describe in a bit more detail when it happens.

    Others: a fix for the Touch Bar issue will be released very shortly in stable. You can beta-test it in our Developer stream:

  • There is nothing to describe: When a popup opens, sometimes Opera crashes. Not always, but after some popups it’s sure. This is a new issue since opera 42. So I’s like to return to opera 41. How can I do this?

  • Hi @welsbach, your problem has been reproduced and occurs to users on both 10.9 and 10.10 when opening web popups. It's known internally as DNA-58684 and has been fixed. The next update to Opera's stable release will include the fix.

    And to the OP and others seeing the Touch Bar problem with open file / save file dialogs: this problem has also been fixed and will be in the next update.

    Thanks all of you for your help in identifying these problems!

  • OK. Thanks. But for the future: How can I prevent opera from downloading and installing updates. When it works without crashes in the next release I’d prefer to stay with it.

  • A stable version of Opera with the fix for both issues mentioned here has been released earlier today. You should get the update automatically (check opera://about), or if you want to force it you can always reinstall opera from, which will give you the newest version.

    You can read more about it here:

    @welsbach you can disable updates by setting a default setting, like this from the terminal:

    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPDisableAutoUpdate true

  • I’m sorry. The bug is not fixed. It’s exactly the same problem. No change.

    Once more the question: How can I downgrade to Opera 41?

  • @weisbach you can download old versions from here: .

  • Opera is crashing regularly on my 2016 MacBook Pro (Touch Bar). I am using the VPN option to browse in Opera. The problem had been occurring sporadically since I started using Opera about a week ago. Today I noticed a definite pattern: I upload an audio file to Google Drive. The first upload works well. When I open the New menu (or right-click for new menu) and select upload file, the browser immediately crashes.

  • Welcome to Opera forums @Recorder2407!

    Can you test without VPN enabled?

  • Welcome to Opera forums @Recorder2407!
    Can you test without VPN enabled?

    HI, @zalex108!

    Tested with VPN disabled. Opera still crashed when I tried to upload the same audio file to Drive.

  • Welcome to Opera forums @Recorder2407!
    Can you test without VPN enabled?

    HI, @zalex108!

    Tested with VPN disabled. Opera still crashed when I tried to upload the same audio file to Drive.

    Update: I have also noticed that Opera is crashing with and without VPN while I try to attach files to emails in my gmail account.

  • Test with a Clean Profile, steps for Mac.

    (There are info in many post, just read the whole discussion before proceed)

  • Hi, I have the same issue since January on my MBP 2016 (touchbar), and no reinstalling/cleaning profil process managed to fix it.

    However, I recently managed to observe that this problem occurs only when I’m using Opera in apple’s fullscreen mode, hope this may help

  • same here on my mbp 2017,

    Version: 47.0.2615.0 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: developer
    System: Mac OS X 10.13.0 64-bit

    always crash, wrong position of right click context menu, cannot select bullet in setting, cannot sync to opera, and bla bla bla many bugs.

  • @ginkan, consider using the stable version of Opera if you're seeing crashes in developer - they are a lot more expected in the developer version (it's meant for testing, not for using...). I see that additionally you're also using the Beta of macOS High Sierra. Since that has only been available since a few days, expect some bugs there to be worked out before the final release of High Sierra. In short: if you're using beta versions, expect some bumps 🙂

    The initial crash that was discussed in this thread on MacBook Pros with Touch Bar has since been fixed. If you have another issue, let's start a new thread.