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  • Since the 12 release is not being patched anymore guess how many security vulnerabilities and 0 day's are there for your favorite browser at the moment.

  • Is this a quiz to see who can get as close to the real answer as possible ?.

    Is there a prize ?.

  • Yeah, it's a quiz. You can win a Ford T tire (used) and a set of rattan garden chairs.

  • Nah!, I'll stick with using 12.14..., seems a better deal to me.

  • Dont feed the trolls.

  • Who needs to guess? There is only one known issue with it.

    Most security websites don't track old versions, but there is one that does and was posted recently in another thread here. On the other hand we know 12.14 has that plus all the issues that were fixed in 12.15 and 12.16 ...

  • There are no critial vulnerabilities (such as buffer overflow) in Opera 12.
    So i'll keep using 12.14 because it has better web sites compatibility (12.15 and 12.16 were defective releases).
    Opera(Presto) market share is pretty low, so i don't think that the exploit development exclusively for Opera12 can be "profitable" for cyber criminals.

    P.S. In future, i probably would use external sandbox for Opera.

  • here's a site that reliably crashes or hangs opera 12.16 on linux :

    not sure whether that implies a security problem, too...

  • For me, it just froze Opera solid ...


    Freezes Opera 12 on Linux
    Crashes Opera 12 on Windows

    And ... Opera 12 has some issues with crashing on some webpages with incorrect SSL certificates 😞

    Knwon bugs, which will never be fixed!?


    Opera 12.14 (in fact, it's less buggy than defective 12.16) is also affected.

    I'am tried to mask Opera (User-Agent spoofing + JS spoofing ) as Internet Explorer 10.0, Firefox 26.0 with no luck.
    The designers of this web-site probably ignored support of Opera(Presto) browser.

  • I made this easy, I decided to poop on Opera after all these years, and switch to Chrome. Opera is dead, and suddenly turned to be a shitty company which doens't deserve any respect anymore. The company died right after they moved to a shitty location in Oslo (Nydalen), at the same time as they shut the Presto-development, and fired those developers as well. It's now when i regret that I once actually paid for Opera Browser.

    Yes, for sure Presto had major issues with some sites on some systems, and even if I asked for better compatibility and faster respons, they fucked it up completelly with the new engine. Not what i had in mind, even if I did welcome a new engine at that time. Change of the engine is fine, just don't fuck up the browser... as you have done.

    Else I hope Otter Browser will make what Opera was, and it would be perfect to see old Opera (Presto) developers join in. Check it out at

    I will however not be satisfied with Opera until Dragonfly and M2 is back and integrated with the new browser (it may even be plugins or extensions).

    And yes, I need this for Linux.

  • I will try Otter Browser. Many thanks for this tip, oleoleole!!! I tried many Browsers, but there is no other perfect Browser than Opera with Presto. Currently I use Opera version 12.14 and not version 12.16 because of the problem with the selection of the standard search machine. It's possible to avoid this problem with a trick, but actually this problem is not a bug in Opera:

    Release note to version 12.15.:
    General and User Interface:

    • Fixed an issue where the search bar's default engine could be overridden by third-party apps.

    It was purpose! I guess that Opera was paid by Google to do so. When you want to use a standard search machine other than Google, you have to use version 12.14.! That's really annoying. In my opinion Opera is dead.