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Opera for Linux - why it looks so bad?

  • Hi!
    I've been using Opera for a long time already, but recently - I've been <literally> forced to abandon this ship. It's all because I've swtiched OS from Windows to Linux Mint and the gap between both versions of Opera is a way to big.
    There is no point to say that UI is worse - it looks like an old version of Opera. I mean the tabs style and Opera button. However, I can live with it.

    The real problem is - title bar. There is no way to hide the title bar when maximized - but as far as I know it is possible. Firefox has an plugin for that and so it is with Chrome and Vivaldi - both browsers allows users to turn the title bar off. Both are on the same engine what Opera is.
    It is annyoing to that point that I uninstalled Opera and switched to Chrome - which one I hate more with every single day.

    As I've been following this topic for a while already I know that Opera lost quite big part of Linux users due to that.
    Is there any hope for this feature being implemented soon?

  • Desktop? In KDE, I could simply turn it off (in KDE settings, not in Opera).

  • For linux, the Desktop Environment manages the window decorations for the most part. I have my own problems with the Opera UI, namely the tabs and what not. The menu is hideous. Those are the things I would want to see changed first. For your problem, I know in KDE you can manage all this stuff. And in gnome it seems to act this way by default (I wish it didn't honestly).

  • You're both right, but that is not a valid point. KDE is only one of possible system gfx environments - what about dozen of people using other desktops?

    There is a reason that chrome or vivaldi introduced such feature in their browsers - they (tend to) care about all of their users not only about the bigger group. The problem is right there, whether you like it or not. Even if I will change desktop, there is sitll big group of people who will reject opera for lack of this feature.

    Atm I am using Cinnamon desktop for various reasons and my reluctance to Chrome / Vivaldi isn't big enough to swtich whole desktop just for a browser.