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How to block content on opera

  • Hello!
    I'm trying to find out how to block specific pages on Opera.
    I've found myriads of pages saying something like right click and choose block contents,
    but my right click menu doesn't have anything like that.
    Could anybody tell me how to block a specific URL. Let's take an example:
    I would like to ignore all the page redirections when it contains Mackeeper. Apparently
    Mackeeper has hijacked many sites and it always redirects to them.

    Any hint welcome.


  • Is your question about the default ad-block feature of Opera? But about ad-block extension? The default ad-block feature don't have the feature to block the specific pages by right click. But the default ad-block feature have the feature to block the specific pages by lists include the specific pages. This feature is "Custom block list". This feature is on the setting of Opera. But I don't know how to make the list. So, When I want to block specific page, I would use ad-block extension.

  • Hello!
    Thanks for your reply.
    No, not exactly the ad block. I would like a site block feature. For example if there
    is a redirection to, then it goes back to the last valid (i.e. not
    forbidden) site. I suppose it can be done using some kind of parent control software
    that could be extended by hand according to user wishes.
    I tried to search for "opera how to block specific sites". I found quite a few site explaining
    how to do, but none works.
    For example:
    This is a quite old version (mine is 41), so maybe the feature has disappeared...

    • Right click doesn't have a block submenu
    • I can't find Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content > Blocked Content button
      There is no settings menu. When opening the preferences page
      The advaned checkbox only ads a WebRTC set of settings, apparently unrelated to content
      By the way, is there a possibility of parental control with Opera? With a customizable
      list of sites, that would be just fine.


  • I don't know a possibility of parental control with Opera. But you can do the feature like pearental control by ad-block extension. For example, I use uBlock of ad-block extension. This extension has the feature to block specific sites. If you add specific sites's URL to "My Filter" of this extension, you wouldn't to be able to watch these specific sites.

    Or, Mac OS have pearental control feature.

    macOS Sierra: Set up parental controls:Apple Official Support site↓

    macOS Sierra: Set up limits for website access:Apple Official Support site↓

    I think, if you use this feature, you would to be able to block specific sites on all web browsers of Mac OS.

  • Hello!
    Ok, thanks, I'm going to have a look at both and choose what fits my needs.