[Solved]Speed dial sync across multiple devices

  • I have 4 android devices, a windows 10 tablet, and a windows 7pro desktop. I am signed in all devices and can hit the speedial icon and see my various devices. The ONLY one that will not show up is the Windows 7 Pro desktop. I cannot see anywhere to access the horizontal scroll list of the various speed dials on various devices. Again, this works fine for ALL other devices, just can not seem to get it working with a Windows 7 Pro Desktop PC

    Love this feature, please tell me how to get it working on my desktop


  • Let me clarify the issue. I can see ALL devices ON all devices including the win7 pc desktop. But ON the win7 I see no where to see all of the speed dials for all the other devices.

  • Bookmarks Manager under Other Speed Dials.

  • Thank you @lando242

    Why is it so hidden but ok THANK you very much! There it is..:-)

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