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Opera is still using ctrl+shift+t instead of ctrl+z for undoing last user action with tabs.

  • subj. Nothing done from the moment of same topic (2014?).
    We (users) are using machine interfaces for applying some action in accordance with what we see on the screen.
    User->action(kb, mouse)->interpreted result (screen, in most cases).
    Sometimes something goes wrong and we should undo our action (mistype, close needed tab).
    The most common shortcut for this is Ctrl+z.
    All machine interfaces shoud be user-oriented, not browser-oriented. We want to undo last USER action. Why do we need to use "another standard"?


  • I don't think it will change.

  • +1

  • I prefer CTRL + SHIFT + T

  • On Mac Safari accepts both shortcuts:

    • CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + T is used for reopening the most recently closed tab
    • CTRL/CMD + Z is used for undoing the last user action

    Since the shortcut for undoing the last action is pretty much universal I think it would be a good thing to have it also apply to the tabs in Opera.
    CTRL + SHIFT + T would still be needed for when you want to reopen a tab after you did something else on the active page.
    e.g. if you've typed something in a form CTRL + Z would undo the typing, while CTRL + SHIFT + T would reopen the last closed tab

    Basically this would change nothing for people used to the CTRL + SHIFT + T shortcut, but would make it more intuitive for people that associate CTRL + Z with 'undo'