Second window opens

  • When I click on a link in a post, quite often a second Opera window opens, in which the link just goes on and on without connecting. I have learnt to copy the link, close the window and paste it into the main window, where it opens immediately. How can I stop it doing this?
    By the way, I don't know whether this question has been asked and answered as, when I tried to search in Opera for Windows, it just reverts to the opening page where you select which version you want.

  • That does not sound like standard behavior. Try doing a stand alone install of Opera and see if it does it. If so, you original install of Opera might be damaged.

  • Does the issue include that the link opens in a new window instead of a new tab? Or did you attempt to open it in a new window?

    What you describe regarding the blank page reminds me of this issue, which may be the same:

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