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Opera Updates Appear to Loop

  • Whenever I am applying an update to Opera, the update appears to loop after the 'Install and Relaunch' step...meaning the update repeats itself when Opera is relaunched. The only way to apply updates has been to re-install Opera each time an update is required. Is there a setting or something I need to tweak to avoid the re-install step?

  • Do you start Opera in a special way (from Terminal with extra parameters for example), or you just click it from Finder or the Dock?

    I've seen this problem before but have not been able to reproduce it. Could you check if things work correctly if you quit and restart Opera manually (using Opera -> Quit Opera) instead of clicking "Relaunch"?

  • The way I start Opera is either from the Dock or from the Application folder I keep on the Dock. Quitting Opera, in the usual manner, and starting it again manually gets the same behaviour. Relaunch, as part of the update process, still behaves as I've soon as Opera is back up, the update process begins again.

    Is there any other information I can provide here?

  • Hmm, let's see what more we can gather. Which version of macOS? Do you use multiple users on your Mac? Is this a very old installation of Opera that has been updated ever since, or relatively recent, let's say from the last two years?

  • Running OS X 10.11.6 on a late 2009 21.5" iMac with 12GB of memory. There's only one user for this machine and only that one user is ever logged in. The user has admin authority. Opera was originally installed within the last 2 years for sure...and re-installed at least a dozen times since this issue began occurring. The version of Opera I'm running with currently is 41.0.2353.46.

    I can also report that I re-create this issue on a mid-2009 MBP with less memory but running the same level of OS X and version of Opera.

    In terms of browsers, Opera is one of four browsers I have installed on the iMac and MBP...the other three include Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Chrome is my default browser.

    I can send you an EtreCheck report if that could help.

  • Could you try removing before re-installing next time this happens? This won't touch any of your preferences.

  • Actually I'll remove and reinstall it now. The next Opera update will either work or it won't. Thanks for your help with this.

  • Just applied Opera update 41.0.2353.46 and it worked normally...meaning after re-launch the update did not re-start. Avi...thanks for for your time and attention to this. Appreciated. It looks like the issue is resolved.

  • Thanks for the update @bcanuel. I'm still quite curious why this happens and wondering if there are others that are having the same problem, but glad to see it works for you now 🙂

  • Must now report that the looping condition has returned. Worked that one time I mentioned but today's update would re-start after re-launch. The only workaround is to re-install Opera or alternatively delete the Opera app and re-install it again.

  • Is Opera in /Applications or in another directory on the system?

  • I keep it in the Applications folder. I could move it somewhere else, I suppose, but would that matter?

  • Just to confirm, this is happening with Opera updates on the MBP as well. Opera is the Applications folder. My other comments concerned an iMac 21.5".

  • No, don't move it, it's fine there 🙂 Was just wondering if it was in some kind of protected directory.

    I'm pretty much out of ideas, it's very curious that this happens on two machines. We do of course test automatic updating on every release, and I haven't seen this failure occur. Nor do the statistics indicate that many people are having a problem updating Opera on Mac.

    So I guess it must be something we haven't found out about the configuration or software running on those machines. Can you think of anything you always set / install / change after you get a new Mac?

    If anyone else has this problem as well, it would be helpful if you could join in so we can find out what's common between @bcanuel and you.

  • Is there a trace I can turn on or a log I can look at when updating Opera? Maybe there is more information that I can collect.

    In terms of my setup here, it's pretty vanilla. I'm running the latest version OS X (10.11) on a 21.5" iMac (late 2009) and a MBP (mid 2009). The looping issue occurs on both machines. I use the same software and apps on both of these machines with only a very few exceptions. I use the latest version of Avast AV (Version 12.3 (47217) with Virus Definitions Version 16112901) and have scanned my hard-driveconfirmed I am virus free. The OS X Firewall is turned off. I've checked for malware using Malwarebytes Anti-malware app and I am clean of that. There are only 3 plugins enabled in Opera (Adobe Flash Player, Chrome PDF Viewer and Widevine Content Decryption Module). I'm pretty sure I installed Flash Player but the other two plugins are Chrome related, I primary browser. I have turned VPN on in Opera and use Opera's native adblocking in Preferences (Privacy and Security). (BTW...I have now repaired permissions as well but there was nothing there Opera related that I could see and I won't know if this corrects the problem until the next update.)

    There's nothing more that I can think of doing or trying at the moment. I've appreciated your help very much. If anyone out there is experiencing this, hopefully they can shed a little more light on what is happening.

    Again, thanks for your help.

  • I can also confirm that this behaviour...looping updates...also appears on a mid-2010 MBP running OS X 10.10.5 . I'm not familiar with the setup of this MBP but the only thing shared between all these machines is the wifi network...on a Time Capsule, purchased in September 2016, running on a 5GHz network. I'm wondering if there's a setting there that might be involved with this condition.