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Enter a URL in speed dial search box + start opera in fullscreen

  • I have 3 suggestions to imrpove the experience with fullscreen.

    1. Enter URL's in the search box of Speed dial and directly visit that page. Now opera searches that the input in your default search engine but I want that if opera detects an URL like: or ect that it immediatly starts loading that page when you pressed enter.
    2. Start Opera directly in fullscreen. self explaining
    3. Maybe is it possible to show the sidebar in fullscreen.

    I really like fullscreen because it gives you the feeling of app and you can see more of a page but those 2 items refrain me from using the fullscreen option.

    I would like to hear your feedback on my suggestions and hopefully can these functions be implemented very soon

  • I have 3 suggestions to imrpove the experience with fullscreen

    Next time please open a topic for each one, unless they are complementary. Too many suggestions on a single topic just help turning the discussion into a mess.

    About your suggestions:

    1. If the person already knows the url of the page, why should it be written in the serach box instead of the address bar?
      Also, it would be something you would have to ask Google.

    2. Why should Opera include such option? Why someone would need to start Opera in full screen?

  • Hey. I just like fullscreen very much because you can see more of the webpage and it gives you the feeling of an app.

    1. In fullscreen you can't see the URL bar so it would be nice if you can enter a URL in the search bar of speed dial and directly go to that page

    2. explained above 1.