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Mini displaying as if in single column view randomly

  • For some reason Opera Mini will display text as if the "single column view" were turned on. It makes all pages impossible to read. It will basically show one letter per row which makes web browsing rather difficult. The only way I've found to make it stop once it starts is to stop the app and delete all data. However it seems to be a more common occurrence lately.

    Can anyone give me any insight?

    New to this forum by the way so sorry if this is confusing.

  • I am using opera mini version 7.5.4 which is installed on my SD cad. I'll try putting it back on the phone to are if it rectifies the problem but I don't have high hopes. I've had it happen on older versions also.

    My phone is A zte valet Z665C using android 4.1.1.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Anybody

  • Your post is not confusing at all, you even include your device model, OS version and screenshor so it couldn't be more complete. 🙂 You probably didn't receive a reply because mostly Opera Mini issues lie in the server and it's difficult to recommend any setting to fix this issue after you have already tried a clean install.

    It's probably a good idea to report this issue (in detail like you did here and send the screenshot to the e-mail address it'll give you after submitting the form) in the Opera Mini bug report wizard.

  • Thanks for responding. I certainly will send a detailed report the next time it happens.
    It hasn't occurred again since I moved it back on to my phone from the SD card.

  • Well that was short lived. It going all screwy again so it looks like I'll be reporting it to the link above.

  • Perhaps mini servers loose coordonates for metaview after page refresh or window size, s60v may have a change in focus for zoom in and this forum have another width now on j2me platform. I think it's server side related and it will be fixed after a while.