Bookmarks showing up in auto complete but not in bookmarks page

  • I'm using Opera 40.0 on Windows 8.1, when I type in the search bar it sometimes auto completes with weird sites (ad pages, dodgy looking stuff). Next to the URLs there is the heart symbol implying that I bookmarked the site, so I went to delete it but I can't find any of the links in my actual bookmarks on Opera. I found a file somewhere with a list of bookmarks and sure enough, the unwanted bookmarks were there so I deleted them. When I restarted Opera, they were back both in the search bar and in the file. I can only assume I accidentally bookmarked them a while ago, before I started using Opera and that they are being synced from somewhere, I thought maybe from Chrome but I can't find them on that either, although I am convinced that's where it started. How can I permanently delete these?

  • Check if your case is what has been described here:

    If it is, then I'm afraid that it's an issue that can only be solved by clearing the entire history. :awww:

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