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Opera not connecting to any site.

  • I downloaded and installed Opera 40.0.2308.62. It looks good and every option to click on responds EXCEPT that the browser won't browse. It will not go to ANY site whatsoever. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, 12GB RAM, 4TB HD, AMD 2.2 Processor. I have IE, Firefox, Chrome, and have used Netscape. Have downloaded and installed many programs but I just don't know what to do to even get this one running right.

  • What exactly happens when you try to open a page?

  • If I click on one of the predetermined links like Ebay or Amazon the tab that says speed dial has a rotating progress icon that just keep spinning and nothing happens until it produces this page beginning with "This site can’t be reached". It is the same if I manually type in a location in the address bar.

  • Is Turbo or VPN enabled by chance?

  • I downloaded and installed Opera 40.0.2308.62.

    So, it's not an update and this software is new to your system, right?

    Perhaps, there's something wrong with the browser's access permission to the Internet.
    If you know where to look, try checking it against 1) the system settings, 2) your antimalware software settings.

    Are you using any proxies?
    Have you got any extensions installed? Try disabling them all and check if Turbo's on - turn it off. Might be not the case, but still...

  • Turbo is off, I've tried VPN checked and not checked with the same result. No extensions have been added. It is not an update and Opera is new to my system. I use System Mechanic Pro's System Shield for antivirus and use Malware Bytes for malware. No proxies. Firewall allows Opera. I don't know how to check the " browser's access permission to the Internet". I appreciate the assistance.

  • I use System Mechanic Pro's System Shield for antivirus and use Malware Bytes for malware.

    Any difference with them disabled?

  • Malware Bytes stays disabled when not in use (Free Version). System Shied has been disabled along with System Mechanic Pro itself. There is no change in behavior. It still will not connect to any site. IE, Chrome, Firefox, and even an old Netscape 7.1 connects. Just not a brand new Opera.

  • To rule it out (or if it matters), where did you download it from and in which form (installer or package)?
    What type of installation did you execute?
    Which folder did you install it in? Not custom? You were on your administrative system account?

  • Downloaded it from "". At one point it said the file was downloaded from "" and the file was called, "OperaSetup.exe" I uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that changed anything but it didn't. It was Opera installer. Folder is "Program Files (x86)" Not custom. Yes, on Administrative account.

  • What happens if you disable the firewall for a while and try to access a few pages with Opera?

  • I have the same problem. Opera can not load in VPN mode all pages (Turbo is off)
    e.g. Opera can load this page
    e.g. ( Opera can not load this page.

    I have closed firawall and antivirus.

    There is a problem with creating the VPN network.

    Any ideas


  • Firewall off does nothing. Opera cannot connect to website with or without VPN. No sites at all. I'm at a loss.

  • I have the same problem. Opera can not load in VPN mode all pages

    I guess this topic is not about problems with the VPN.

  • Sorry - quick question: when you say 'firewall off does nothing', are you referring to having completely turned off / disabled the Windows 7 Firewall (or are you referring to a router or other firewall)?

    If the Win 7 Firewall and turning it off completely doesn't help, then this suggestion may be a waste of time (depending on your firewall settings) ... but just for completeness' sake maybe try deleting the firewall rule - perhaps there's a weird glitch in there somewhere.

  • Windows 7 Firewall is disabled. Public and Private network.

  • Does the problem happens with a standalone installation of Opera?

  • I'm not sure what you mean by a "stand alone" installation of Opera. I went to "" and downloaded "OperaSetup.exe" (for Windows) which I thought was a stand alone program. It runs and allows me to change any of the settings but won't successfully navigate to any website.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by a "stand alone" installation of Opera

    Run Opera's installer, click on options, rename the destination path and change the 'install for' field to 'stand-alone/usb'.

    The start Opera from that folder and check if the problem also happens.

  • leocg, It installed it on a USB drive. I ran a file called "Launcher" from the USB drive. No changes, it allows interaction within the browser but still does not go to any websites.