[Solved] Full Screen Unavailable O39

  • Windows 7, O39.


    Clicking on full screen give me a "Full Screen Unavailable" message. If I click on "Copy Video URL" and go there, it opens a Youtube video, which WILL open to full screen.

    In the past I have open Settings/Websites/Full Screen and made entered an "Allow" for this website. However, now O39 says "Note: These settings are no longer used on this system, but you can still view and edit them." If I click on "Manage Exceptions," there is no way to add a website and make sure Full Screen is Allowed.


  • You will find that you can't go full screen in any web browsers. That is because it is not an Opera problem. That is a limit some people put on content when linking to YouTube. Why? No clue, but it is not specific to Opera and is intentional.

  • ok, muchas gracias, thank you

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