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YouTube not optimizing?

  • Hi,
    First, great app!!
    However I've noticed in the last few days that YouTube has stopped compressing. I used to get great savings, but now I'm getting almost nothing (like 16k on 200Mb).
    Running the very latest version of both apps on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Carrier is Optus in Australia.
    Has worked for months perfectly.
    Tried rebooting. Other apps are still showing a savings (Instagram 46% for the month). YT isn't blocked within the app and I can't find a SSL option that may be encrypting the data.
    Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Developer response:
    Hey Ben, that's because with the new update, YouTube implemented a new protocol (called QUIC) that affects Opera Max. The team is looking into fixing the issue though. Thanks for the comment and your patience. /Anda

  • I have the same issue since I updated YouTube last week.Since then I am not seeing any savings using opera max.I have tried to keep the video quality at "auto", but it changes to 480p.Infact,earlier today when I used YouTube for an hour,it consumed 1gb of data and the savings was negligible at 20kbs.Earlier,if I used YouTube for an hour,the savings will be in the region of 300-400mb.I hope you guys will work this out quickly so that I will be able to use YouTube without the anxiety of my data allowance getting busted

  • [Moved to Opera Max]

  • YT video resolution problem seems to be fixed on their side, never loose compression with that app though.

  • If I Uninstalled the updates for YouTube would it go back to saving? I know that would stink, but if it works when I use YouTube than I'm ok with that, at least until Opera figures out how to fix the problem. Which hopefully won't be too long.

  • Hard to say, for me was 50% savings all the time.

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