Download info poor

  • While downloading with old Opera, I could see the exact download speed as well as the estimated time to completion to the nearest minute.

    But with my Opera 39 (Downloads tab) under Windows 10, download speed is often shown as fluctuating between zero and a value. Furthermore, estimated time to completion is only shown to the nearest hour.

    This is very poor presentation of info, in fact next to useless. Is my Opera behaving normally? If so, can we have the old display of download info back?

  • There is something wrong on your end. I am using the latest Opera in Windows 10 and I see a complete ETA, amount downloaded, amount total and current download speed when I download something.

  • Don't you have Turbo or VPN switched on?

  • No Turbo or VPN.

    And I do see % downloaded, Download Speed and Time to Completion. Only as I said, Download Speed fluctuates badly and ETC is to nearest hour.

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