What programming language ?

  • What programming language opera browser has written with ?
    i am interested on learning programming and i want to start with that .

  • C++. Not exactly a beginners programming language. If you want to get your feet wet I recommend Python. It's much less complex and a lot more forgiving. Plus you can write actual useful programs soon after learning it yet is still powerful enough to be useful. If that's too 'kiddie pool' for you at least start with C. It's still a huge pain in the ass to work with but not quite as huge as C++.

  • What kind of things are you interested in creating? You have console applications, desktop applications (Windows, Linux, Mac?), web sites, web services... Usually the first steps are with console applications, in which you have less complexity.
    I'd recommend C#, although Java is very popular as well. Anyway, I can see this thread going off topic very quickly. :S

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