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Remember bookmark folder last opened

  • On every other browser I've used, if you open a bookmark folder, select a website and then go back to select another website in the same folder, the folder you last used stays open so that you can go back there quickly as needed to choose another website. In Opera, every time you open a website using a bookmark, your location in the bookmark folders is not remembered and you have to go through the same steps to open a website in the same folder you just used a few minutes or seconds before. This is not a productive arrangement and takes too much time.

    I've looked for a setting for this and can't find one. Have I missed it or is there a workaround to make this happen?

    Thank you.

  • Use the bookmark manager and open your bookmark in a new tab or new window.

    1. Which is your browser version?
    2. Which is the way you open those bookmarks?

    Which other browsers?
    Not all the ways in all of them. I mean it depends (q.2).

    If you have a suggestion to make, try this board here.

  • lando242, your response does not reflect the problem I've described at all.

    joshi, I'm using version 39.0.2256.48 and I open bookmarks by clicking on the bookmark icon (Bookmarks extension, version, then scrolling down to the appropriate folder, clicking on that to open it, then selecting the bookmark I'm looking for.

    In Chrome (and using "Neater Bookmarks" extension, if you select a bookmark in a particular folder and then you decide you would like to open another website in that same folder, the folder is still open, which makes selecting your next bookmark very fast. Firefox has an extension which also works exactly the same, the folder in the tree you have previously selected stays open so that you can go back in there to select something else very quickly.

    This is just a feature I wish Opera had since it makes using the browser to select websites noticeably faster. I will post this idea in the board you have suggested.

  • If you are using an extension then you need to bring up the issue with the maker of the extension. Opera is not responsible for what the maker of an extension does or does not do.

    On a related note, you can install Chrome extensions in Opera. It is not official supported and not all bookmarks work but it is possible. Go to the Opera store and install the 'Download Chrome Extension'. Once installed, go to the Chrome store page for the extension you wish to install and install it.