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Very long extension moderation process

  • Well if the extensions are OK - it shouldn't take that long..

  • Is there a way to know my submission's placement in the moderation queue? If I could see my place in the queue and check it periodically, I could estimate a time. Firefox does this and it gives me comfort. This Opera moderation queue is like a black hole.

  • Hello,

    I submitted a new version of my extension Night Video Tuner on August 14th. Surprisingly is has still not been published almost three weeks later.

    I have tried following up using the moderation conversation window of the extension ten days ago, but to no avail. The update only includes minor changes, and the source code of the extension is relatively small. Even a thorough review of the new version could be completed within seconds, and most of the extensions in the moderation queue are probably in a similar situation.

    It's really disappointing to see how updates can be delayed by several weeks, whereas they are systematically validated within minutes on all other browser platforms. Such a lack of support, news or official reaction from the Opera team is really damaging for Opera. Why would users want to use a browser where they get updates several weeks or even months after Firefox, Chrome and others?

  • Here my experiences with Mozilla, Chrome and Opera so far:

    Mozilla: v1.2 reviewed, signed and published within an hour and got a 'Thank you for your contribution' Email from
    the Reviewer; Mozillas Review Process is the best experience so far and the Dashboard is of high quality.

    Chrome: v1.1 Public published; 100% identical v1.1 Unlisted Taken Down?
    v1.2 Public Update wating for days now; v1.2 Unlisted Update Taken Down and in manual Review for days now?!
    Also no Emails why one was Taken Down while the other identical one wasn't. No Email with any confirmations,
    No Emails at all, the Google Developer Dashboard is like a Lottery-RNG-Blackbox ... very frustrating!
    Also their Dashboard has the lowest quality of all so far. And it took tons of tickets to even get that v1.1
    published ... utter most frustrating!

    Opera: v1.2 submitted 7 Hours ago, nothing happens, no queue like on mozilla, almost same blackbox as Googles Dashboard
    but at least of better quality, still below mozillas but definitely better than Googles.

    And that Extension/Addon is so small and easy a child could review it in 30 seconds.
    It's also open source on Github i even provided the Link to the Repo as support and open source link.

  • Where are our extensions???

  • I must update my June 19 post to report that I am now having the same problem as the rest of you all. I submitted very minor updates (1 or 2 lines changed) to my two extensions on August 25 and am now still waiting after 31 days, with not even any communication. Very sad.

    (I too get instant reviews for all other browsers. Chrome's reviews are instant, Firefox' are instant for me because I distribute on my own, and Vivaldi's are instant because they use Chrome's Web Store.)

  • I submitted my extension Jun 20, 2017.
    It took 13 weeks.
    Still nothing happened.
    How can I find out when my extension will be reviewed?

  • Submitted Sep 5, 2017 12:18:12 PM UTC and still Awaiting moderation, no messages, no queue, simply eternal silence.

    But if i see that some are already waiting 13 weeks, it's probably better to abandon opera for now and to check next year or so if something did change.

  • 1 month waiting for the first version of my extension, 7 new updates already published in Chrome and Firefox.

    Bravo Opera, you are gifting devolpers to the others browsers, I'm done with Opera.

  • My Extension now was finally published Sep 29, 2017 8:43:08 AM UTC so it took 24 days.

    I also got this message from moderator:
    'Sorry it took so long, unlike Chrome we have a manual review process to make sure that all extensions are safe for our users.'

  • Well, my two extensions were also published today, after 35 days.

    The first one was published 45 minutes after the extension of @nirantali, at Sep 29 2017 9:28:19 AM UTC, and the second one was published 3 minutes later, at Sep 29, 2017 9:26:13 AM UTC.

    Thank you to the Opera Extensions Team.

  • Hello,

    Here are few things we would like to share with you.

    All our moderation is currently done manually. We have two queues: the first is for updated extensions, kept with minimum delay, and the second is for new extensions. The second takes time, as you have already noticed.

    To help us speed up the extensions moderation process, here is what you can do:

    • Prepare small updates for extensions. The less code submitted, the faster the updating process will go.
    • Give us a detailed changelog, if possible
    • When attaching screenshots of the extension, use ones made in the Opera browser
    • Make sure you provide the correct Summary and Description in all languages
    • Descriptions should be in a declared language rather than English (i.e. Russian extensions should have description in Russian)
    • In manifest.json, use minimized set of permissions
    • Use content script only for needed domains (i.e. use "://" instead of <all_urls> for a Youtube-only extension)
    • Remove all unnecessary files
    • If you use third party libraries, use versions from official sites (best to add specific links) or add versions from
    • If you obfuscate or minify your extension, add on a wall URL to your source code and give us the exact instruction on how to build it - best if you provide the building script

    We are currently trying to work on a better first time experience and on ways to get initial versions of extensions into our store. Stay tuned.

  • More than a month, and my extensions are still awaiting verification. It's a joke?

  • Same here, almost 6 weeks for a new extension.

  • Hello, While the extension is under moderation I have submitted 3 more versions. Note that mine ( is an updated extension case, not a new one. However I noticed that I got emails from Opera saying my submission is rejected without any reason. For reason I was asked to check the submission wall. When I checked there, it is still saying "Awaiting Moderation" and I could not see any rejection. Am I missing anything?


  • Worse is that they snoop ur posted ext and add block code to next release 😕

    I made a simple Google Search redirect ext and obviously they didn't like it - and after updating to latest Opera the ext didn't work anymore 😕

  • I’ve been waiting about a month as well. At this rate, my next version will be ready for release before this one gets approved 😢

  • Good news - My two extensions got published 32 hours after submitting updates. It may have helped that I submitted a Comment containing a short (~50 words) change summary with each one.

  • You think you got it bad...I've been waiting 9 months for my extension :S

    ID: hlehbmfgofjjmcoofgleppbdlelnklna

  • No, @iann0036, as I said at the beginning of my post, I think 32 hours is good. I think I got it good.

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