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  • Hello everyone!

    Does anyone know why context menus in Opera have a white border? If so, do you know how to get rid of it? This doesn't happn in other browsers like Chrome/Chromium.
    I'm running Opera browser under Fedora with Gnome Shell and Adwaita theme (the default one).

    Thank you!

  • It's at least better than a context menu with a white background, no border, and on a white application 😉 (It's like that for me in Libre Office 5.2)

  • How it looks:

    How it should look:

    Added attachment of how it looks and how it should look.

    P.S. The white surrounding is inside, doesn't make it more or less readeable on white backgrounds

  • No answers?

  • I don't think you can write "How it should look", and post a link to an image in Chrome. Chrome and Opera are different browsers, and how it is now in Opera, is Opera's implementation of the menus. Generally, Opera adapts it's interface more than chrome on different operating systems and on different desktop environments in Linux.

    Sometimes this can cause things to look strange with special DE's or themes etc, but personally I don't think your case looks like a bug, because I don't think it looks strange.

    Perhaps anyone else can comment on this, and if we're really lucky, an Opera employee?

  • I posted a chrome screesnshot as I could post a screesnshot of any other app because they all look the same. And by far it's not a Special DE & theme combination, it's Gnome She'll with default theme under Fedora, everything pretty common.
    I would like to know how does Opera get the context menus because it's not because of the gtk theme, as how it does with the headerbar.

  • Opera renders its own UI. though it does try to use the same colors as your desktop.

    The only difference I'm spotting is that in Opera the highlight leaves a pixel of the (white) background next to the gray border, while in Chrome the highlight actually touches the gray. Is that what you mean?

  • As I said it's not only Chrome, but any other app uses borderless highlight in context menus as it's the default look in Gnome, but Opera doesn't.

    I think it's a weird behaviour as it gets the theme from the system but adds that white border in its own, I don't get wha's the point in doing so.

  • This is from my computer:



    So, as sgunhouse said, Opera seems to add 1 pixel of the background as border.

    There are applications that doesn't use the system themes at all, and Opera seems to be some sort of combination. They render the menus themselves, but they are basing the design on the system themes. The border was probably a design decision.

    Take a look at these two Java applications, they add a border too:



    You can see that they are similar to native GTK applications, but not exactly the same.

    (Actually I thought that Opera used GTK border menus, but I guess I was wrong :))

  • Yes I see, it's a pitty because native context menus is the only thing that is missing to Opera for being perfect u.u