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Opera reports incorrect physical locaton to websites

  • I'm using Opera 38 for Windows

    When websites ask Opera for my physical location, the browser sends an incorrect location. Perhaps Opera's Location is based on either my IP address or what Windows is reporting (which is derived from my IP address, apparently.) In any event, both Opera and Windows always report an incorrect physical location. I have to manually correct my location every single time I visit certain websites, and other websites don't work reasonably well because they have no mechanism to correct erroneous geolocations provided by browsers.

    Suggestion: manual override for physical location, in the form of City/Province/Country or latlng.

  • Websites usually only get your IP address anyway. Any site that is basing your location on that will still be wrong.

  • Site was using Javascript geolocation API

  • If you conncet by cable, DSL or wired LAN then all they know is your IP address. If they use geolocation and you connect by wifi or cellular modem them you still have to allow them to have your location. If all that is true and you're not in some obscure location then it should be pretty accurate.

    When Opera first added geolocation in version 10.60, they set up an online map that showed where you and other visitors to the site were. On my desktop (which connects by ethernet to a LAN) it listed me as being roughly 10 miles from where I actually am. On my laptop (which uses wifi to connect to the same household LAN) it showed somewhere in my backyard - close enough.

  • Did you check the backyard, by the way?

  • The geolocation Opera uses, whether obtained from the Windows API or from the IP address is not correct. It's 1,200 kilometres off. There's no way to manually override this incorrect IP address. This makes using websites that rely on this geolocation through Javascript a hassle. Some websites cannot be used at all because they, as well as Opera, also have no means to manually override an incorrect location. Geolocation from IP is very inaccurate. Geolocation from IP with no means to manually override is surprising. That's why I started this thread.

    I checked the backyard, thanks 😉