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  • Opera Link was once a feature of Opera Browser. Its purpose was the synchronization of data created on an available Opera browser and made available on another device in which a version of Opera Browser was available. This allowed for the sharing and access of created data such as, but not limited to, browser history, passwords, notes and bookmarks, across various platforms and devices.

    That being said, why is my Opera account void of all synchronized data that was supposedly synced from my Android device to my desktop when logged into my Opera account on both devices.

    There should be no reason for any synced data, such as my thousands of bookmarks, speed dials and notes, to be lost. Afterall, the purpose of synchronization is to thwart such a problem across entire ecosystems and even between them.

    For its part, Opera campaigned and promoted the use of the Opera Link feature informing prospective users they would make their data available to themselves across devices through the use of the Opera browser when logged in.

    My data, regardless of which Opera browser I am using, third-party broswer in competition with Opera I have chosen to use instead, or device used to access my Opera account, should exist, be present and be accessible to me in my account in some form or fashion. But this is not the case and I demand to know why.

    This data was created and stands independent of any and all mechanisms or computerized source-language written for synchronization, or copy and relay of information from a given set of points decided by the owner of such data. And I neither gave my permission nor relinquished my consent allowing the destruction of the data I created.

    Things do not disappear or cease to exist simply because you uninstall such a tool or discontinue its use whether it come due to becoming a defunct service or it no longer being available or supported. So where is my data? Why is this data not in my account and why was this data removed from being locally stored on my devices when told to upgrade Opera browsers by Opera?

    If newer Opera browsers provide syncing, why wasn't my data simply grandfathered into the feature instead of being destroyed? I could upgrade or clean-install an entire OS on my computer and not loose any bits of data I created and stored locally but Opera removes a service feature (or just renames it) and all of a sudden I have a born-again virgin Opera account with no evidence of years of my activity?


  • If newer Opera browsers provide syncing, why wasn't my data simply grandfathered into the feature instead of being destroyed?

    Link users had the chance to migrate their data to Sync.

    Also, it's user responsibility to backup its data.

    Sorry but Link has been gone for a while already; You lost the timming to complain.