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  • whats the difference between extensions and addons?

    An extension is an addon but an addon can be more than that. It can be a theme, for example.

  • You go here and says "These extensions and themes are made for the Opera browser"

    Yes, this is where you look for and download/install extensions in Opera.

    And yet, the little extensions icon is located on the left side of opera, and and clicking on that puzzle piece leads you to the screenshot I posted above... which says... extensions.

    Yes, this is one of the short-cuts to the extensions manager as well the bookmarks icon is a short-cut to the bookmarks manager. And there is also one to the downloads manager.

    So why would opera make it so convoluted to get extensions (or is it now addons?), if those extensions (or addons) were not actually the extensions, but something else?


    It's not that difficult to get extensions. In the extensions manager itself there's a 'get more extensions' link that leads you to the extensions page.

    maybe what they REALLY meant was that was to "manage extensions"

    It's kinda implicit.

    One is lead to believe that is actually where and how you go to get extensions, or whatever they are called.

    I don't remember haver seen comments regarding this.

    Why would managing extensions be displayed prominently on the left hand side?

    Why not? There is the bookmarks manager, the downloads manager.

    anyway, I thought I'd give opera another try, but it just fails at simplicity and ease of use

    Interesting to read it as for me Opera is one of the simplest and easy to use browsers.

  • i am using window 7 64 bit sp1 i am installing add ons from get extensions every time broken my add ons and speed dials and account login disable i am using opera beta please help me and fix it ..............?.

  • i am using window 7 64 bit sp1 i am installing add ons from get extensions every time broken my add ons and speed dials and account login disable i am using opera beta please help me and fix it ..............?.

    And how this is related to what is being discussed on this topic? Please open a new one to discuss your issue after have read the forum rules and this.

  • I'm having the same issue, a broken add ons page, and I cannot get to the page to flush sockets. I get an Unknown Protocol warning.

    At home I use windows 10 64 bit, extensions are fine. At work, windows 7 Professional 32 Bit Get Add Ons page won't load.

    If I copy the URL for the Get More Extensions page and paste it into a different browser, it still looks broken.

    Could this be a corporate firewall problem? I hope not, as I love Opera and would gladly make it my #1, but I need to sync between home and work.

    This becomes a moot point if there is someway to sync extensions between computers.

  • I just used the opera://net-internals/#sockets link and it did work. Flushed the sockets, then reloaded and went on and worked just fine. At first i used Kszularz link for the flushing, but it has a DENIED:opera://net-internals/#sockets in the link , it wont let me get to the page, i just deleted the DENIED:, hit enter and then i got to the proper page to flush the sockets and reloaded and got everything back as it should be on
    Thanks for the help .

  • I also managed to find my way to the Flush Socket Pools page through the back door, but alas, it did not work, so it must be something to do with my company's security settings over which I have no control.

    Sad, I really like this browser.

  • The addons page is broken when using Opera Turbo... I can only access the addons page in a new private window (Opera 40 here)

  • Where is my Adobe Flash player located at? Every game I play it doesn't load and it says click on Adobe Flash player. What can I do to fix it?

  • Where is my Adobe Flash player located at?

    Did you really commented on a six months old thread to ask something totally unrelated to its subject of discussion?