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Just bring back an option for tab stacking!

  • Vertical representation of tabs is far superior to horisontal one.

    This topic is about tab stacking and not about vertical tab bar.

  • I too would love to have this feature back - I have been using Vivaldi Browser for a while and they have it (I switched back to Opera just because its UI and page rendering is faster). It is awesome for managing tabs efficiently and I think many users would benefit from it.

  • +1 for Tab Stacking.

  • I'm not seeing any other way to vote for suggestions around here, so I will say "+1 for Tab Grouping". 🙂

  • +1 for tab stacking - missing it since the old Opera 12!

    I have open a lot of tabs from e.g. and want stack them because I want to continue with them on the next day.

    I can not use "open new window" because only the state of the last closed windows will be saved and re-opened after restart.

    Note: New beta release of MS Edge will have "pinned tabs" ... but tab stacking more important!

  • Yep.... Tab stacking is it! This is the thing. Best invention ever made to a browser, seriously.
    People, bring it back, honestly, bring it back now!

  • I wonder why there is no tab stacking already. This is one of the most wanted feature from the begining of the new Opera. What is the issue about that feature? Why do developers waiting with that feature? Can someone explain what is the catch?

  • I really like Opera and have tried to stick with it for a while now, but after loosing my sessions two times in a short period of time after a incident with two tabs open. I dont care any more, you had the session saving from 12 and loved it. I will go over too a different provider until you bring it back as standard.

  • please bring back tab stacking!

  • +1 for this request.

    I came back to Opera browser after quite a while, such a shame they don't like to work on it anymore, like, they don't have enough funding? They closed their MyOpera page etc, and browser is 'too' simple. Are they gonna shut down completely?

  • i made a new topic about dat, they've closed it with reason "duplicated" of this topic and since 2014 this topic started we still have no this feature. u must be so stupid to delete so awesome thing from ur product.

  • @eros1ove

    u must be so stupid to delete so awesome thing from ur product.

    The feature disappeared when they made the re-write of the browser in Opera 15. They didn't explicitly remove it.

  • +1

    Are there any comments from Opera devs concerning this topic?

  • +1
    Are there any comments from Opera devs concerning this topic?

    Nope. Chances of such feature to come back seem kinda low at the moment.

  • +1

    Opera currently has the best set of features for my usage, the only feature I really miss is tab grouping/stacking 😕

  • +1
    That's the ONE feature everybody in your userbase agrees on, that it's missing, and I can't understand why you ignore that for YEARS now!

    For me that feature is a dealbreaker:
    no tab stacking no new Opera.

  • +1 it is now 2017 and tab stacking is still not available in Opera.
    I will change over to Vivaldi browser, as soon they got the sync feature added to their browser... those guys made tab stacking available.

  • Presto Opera was very pretty, but the rendering engine was not so good. I am guessing that they had to use Chromium source to switch to WebKit. Some of those suggestions are probably not even possible with Chromium source.

  • My tab bar is usually crowded with at least 20 to 25 tabs. For obvious reasons, each displays nothing but an icon and a few letters. Other than those favicons, there is no clear visual distinction that helps me keep track of which tabs belong to which of the three to five topics I am currently interested in.

    There is an easy solution. The button at the extreme right end of the tab bar will show you a dropdown list of all your tabs. You can click on the one you want to read.

  • +1